Attractive the woman is, first of all, neatness and accuracy. Bright makeup, clothing and expensive jewelry can’t save the image, if ladies groomed nails or dirty hair. In order to monitor the nails, not necessarily every week to visit the beauty salon. You just need to choose the optimal variant of manicure and doing simple manipulations every 1-2 weeks.
Как правильно ухаживать за ногтями1
The basis of nail care standard and do not depend on the choice of finish. No matter what is used: shellac, the gel nail or ordinary nail Polish is the most important stage is the preparation of the basis.

If the nails are already covered with varnish, it is necessary to wipe with a cotton swab moistened with fortified tool without acetone. The surface is highly desirable not to RUB, modern means well dissolve all kinds of coatings, if for a few seconds moist tampon pressed to the nail plate.

Further, the need to nail shape. It depends on length of fingers, type of manicure. Cut nails only special scissors or nail scissors. The final form is attached files. You need to work on dry nails, it will warn them brittle and splitting. Files it is better to choose glass, preferably with a polisher. It will give the nail Shine.

In the next step you need to take a bath in hot water with salts, it soften cuticles. After that she just otdihaet special orange stick.

With the help of special pliers to remove burrs cut cuticles and put on your fingers nourishing cream.
Как правильно ухаживать за ногтями
The final stage is the coating. It should be noted that when using lacquer-gel Shellac, nail polishing is not required, a wonderful tool will fall, and without this kind of training. When using other types of finishing coating, it is necessary to Polish the nail, apply a transparent basis and when it dries main lacquer.

With regular practice, the whole procedure nail care does not take more than 20-30 minutes, and the result is simply amazing!

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