Many women devote very little time to care for skin of the hands, usually all limited only by applying the cream after washing, but, unfortunately, this is not enough. On the hands, the skin is very delicate, sensitive to external mechanical and chemical influences, so it should look very actively.
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It is worth to care about what will do little children, yet will undergo all procedures, as the care takes a long time, and the kids so long to sit in one place will not. So it is better to take care of buying toys, for example, you can purchase a children’s set store.

Hand care must begin with an intensive cleansing and exfoliation. For this purpose it is necessary to steam the skin in warm, soapy water and RUB the inner and outer part of the palm large sea salt. May also be appropriate river sand. For added effect, you can clean your hands mask of honey that will nourish the skin with moisture and essential vitamins.

The next stage of care – a soft exfoliation. You can make a mask of oatmeal and honey, which will remove the remaining scales old cover and will contribute to the fast regeneration of tissues.

Now hand it is necessary to humidify a special hand cream or wipe the skin with a slice of cucumber. This vegetable is on 90% consists of water, which quickly saturate the hands of the life-giving moisture.
Как правильно ухаживать за кожей рук.2
The final stage of the treatment is the application of special protection – light skin will protect hands from ultraviolet rays, dry winds and minor mechanical damage. But remember that before work in the garden is better to apply a greasy cream with essential oils that will prevent the ingress of dirt in mikrotreschinki on the skin.

Hand care requires a lot of time, but the positive result will delight and amaze others are very long.

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