Regularly visit nail salons to straighten the nail, is not accessible to every woman. Such a pleasure needs in particular financial costs, sometimes considerable. Whatever it was, and professionally done manicure will not look as it should, if the nails are not well maintained and weak. Therefore they need daily care. Then their views will become healthy and neat.
Как правильно ухаживать за ногтями
One of the most affordable and popular way to achieve that kind of nails was the ideal is proper and balanced diet. Therefore, in the daily diet should be entered, products that contain:

  • vitamin A. Eat carrots;
  • the gelatin. In various kinds of jellies, dishes flood, marmalades;
  • the iodine. In iodized salt the silt sea cabbage, avocado;
  • the calcium. In dairy products and various kinds of fish;

Home conditions well-suited to prepare special masks or baths. Any of these procedures is easy, so deal with it every woman. By the way, foot perfect special dish, which can be found in the online shop of home appliances.
Nourishing mask

To take care of the nails you need. Help a hydrating mask. You just need to buy hand cream, necessarily nutritious, containing vitamins a, D, E and gentle movements to RUB it in her fingertips. This procedure should be done every day for three weeks and it is better before bed. If you RUB the cream in the bed of the nail plate, it will greatly improve circulation and soften cuticles.
Как правильно ухаживать за ногтями3
As for the manicure, then it should be done every fourteen days. Not to visit beauty salons, you can buy a quality manicure set. You must ensure that all tools are clean enough to wipe them any Cologne or alcohol.

If the nail plate is weak, strengthen it will help lemon, currant or cranberry juice.

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