правильно красить губыLip makeup occupies a special place in creation of effective feminine look, no matter every day it is oriented or for an evening out. The right makeup lip makes the image of the sensual or pathetic and helpless, and at selection of high quality cosmetics and apply the correct technique it will hold long. Not all women know how to properly painted lips, so they do not think about what effect can produce one or another shade of lipstick is appropriate or not for the lips, what texture is needed in a particular case.

To properly eyelids, you need to find the appropriate tools, which includes not only products for the lips, and accessories for their application, as well as auxiliary products, such as powder or cream Foundation. But everything depends on the age of the woman, the case is being makeup, and, of course, the shape of her lips and the need them visually increase or decrease.

Young girls for the summer, sometimes not need either a lipstick or pencil – they easily circumvented Shine with integrated applicator. More Mature women, and to perform evening make-up, you must work with a lip brush, which thinly applied lipstick thick noble look. Lip pencil today applies not often, but its significance is not reduced, but there are cases when you need a correction lip contour and fixation of lipstick.


Lipstick, gloss, nail Polish – when the choice is clear

Lipstick always been the basis of the makeup of the lips and during most of the twentieth century it was the only possible cosmetic means for them. Then came Shine, which facilitated the task underscore lips for young girls who need not color, and sexual radiance to the lips. Currently the border between the two of these funds is erased. Er, lip gloss are issued in cases where previously produced only lipstick, their saturate pigments, giving color. Lipstick also are issued in cases with an applicator, they receive a lightweight texture with Shine and become more simple in application.

Some time ago in the cosmetic market a new product appeared Lac lip. According to its properties it resembles varnish for the nails, the similarity in what happens excellent grip with the skin of the lips, moreover, means rich pigments and features sumptuous brilliance, which does not tarnish. Lac lip easy to apply, does not require a circuit, no smudging, sticks, which is characteristic of блескам.

For a beautiful and lasting makeup lip select tool on the occasion. If you need to do a slightly for a walk in summer, then your choice Shine. If you are going to a party and you need to lips as long as possible had to touch up, then choose finish. Lipstick – generic version, select the desired texture and form of the need.


Tone, powder and pencil – alternative means

Liquid Foundation or powder applied to the contour of the lips, if you need the correction of the form and pencil need to create a new line, slightly decreasing or increasing natural lip volume. Currently powder and tone need less, they are sometimes used by professionals, always have your Luggage in several tricks to create a lasting makeup. Most often, and brightening the basis and the contour is needed when using lipstick previous generations that still are issued by manufacturers.

Pencil to outline lip makeup is also needed in rare cases, if the natural shape of the lips fuzzy or need correction. Preferably choose low-fat pencils, which keep the line clear for a long time, picking up their tone of the lipstick. Brilliantly also possible to use a pencil, but in this case its texture should correspond to the asset. If Shine glossy or nacreous, matte eye liner will look strange and unnatural. When applying varnish lip pencil is not needed.


How to properly painted lips – the classical variant

Lip makeup is the final stage of facial makeup. If you use lipstick, apply on a path a little low-fat tone or powder, locking them промакивающими movements. Take a pencil and preheat stylus, causing a few strokes on the back of your hand. Start denote the path with a «tick» of the upper lip, moving to the corners, lower lip need to outline from the corners, first one, then another, seamlessly connecting the line somewhere in the middle. If you want to visually increase or decrease the volume of the lips, then move from the natural contours of not more than one millimeter.

Take lipstick or gloss. If lipstick in the classic variant – in a tube without applicator, you need a flat rigid brush. Dial a small number of cosmetic means on a brush or applicator and start to paint lips inside the contour use short strokes, without going abroad. At the end of combine both lips the old way is not necessary. If you think that means too much, gently Pat dry with a paper towel, leaving her a light kiss, then you can tweak the makeup.

If you use paint for the lips, make sure that the lips totally defatted, otherwise the tool will be bad to hold on. If you are afraid that non-greasy gel texture Shine withers lips, apply under the light balm. If on the lips noticeable wrinkles, it is recommended before applying makeup to use primer, which smooths, fixing color and texture.

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