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Как правильно стирать джинсыThese quality jeans have a certain term wear. Usually it is limited to one-two years. This is enough time to the knees appeared extruded surfaces, and the initial attractive appearance jeans was lost.

Of course, each case may be individual. And even high quality jeans failure care, including washing, can turn into some sort of a doormat.

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How to properly soaked jeans

In General, it is better not to soak. However, if necessary, you can soak them in warm water, but not more than one hour to avoid rusty rusty stains around the knees.

Soak better using soap, as detergent can greatly lighten denim, and rivet, corners, and buttons tarnished. When soaking black or colored jeans you can add a little vinegar.

How should I

Water when washing should be warm and not to exceed the mark of forty degrees. Washed denim better hands. In this case, you can use a brush of medium hardness. For this jeans are placed on a flat surface, for example, on the bottom of the bath brush (and not cloth) намыливается, and with easy pressing pants cleaned more thoroughly in the contaminated areas.

Machine washing recommended the use of a normal cycle. Before the process of jeans fastened and turn inside.

How to properly rinsing

When washing manual намыленные denim pants полощутся in the cool waters. However, in the early rinsing you can apply more than warm water. You should try to rinse jeans are not subjected to strong creasing.

How to dry

The best condition for drying jeans is the fresh air, but not direct sunlight. Jeans are dried after careful unfolding and being turned inside out. Fasten jeans belt through clothespins, as it is the upper part with a large availability of metal parts need to be subjected to more rapid drying.

If properly wash, rinse and dry jeans, that after all these processes will be soft, dense and almost немятыми. If desired, a more rigid cloth, iron and may not need. If necessary the increased softness, jeans need to steam off.

Ironing better to subject still slightly damp cloth. After this procedure, jeans will become soft and comfortable product, and will look neater and newer.

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