Compared to other parts of the body feet bear the lion’s share of the load of the whole organism. That is why they require careful regular care. How well-groomed feet, depends not only appearance, but also health of the person. How to properly care for your feet? First of all, you need every day to wash them with warm water, not forgetting to use soap. To prevent the appearance of fungus or unpleasant smell need to wipe his feet dry with a towel. This, of course, the most necessary.
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In addition to the above, there are now a lot of money on care of a skin of the feet. For example, various scrubs, pumice with exfoliating or special brush for foot care. Using them, it is important not to overdo it. If too carried away, you can hurt foot, which can cause discomfort and even pain while walking. Also, there are many simple exercises to improve blood flow to the legs. For example, it is useful to take off socks toes, to take various items “legs”, go massagers and rolling cylindrical articles.
Как защитить ноги от старения2
But problems with stops many women are concerned about cellulite, especially if you have to move Ufa. To get rid of it will help to correct the diet, regular exercise, and massage with anti-cellulite remedy. You can use the spiked ball or a massage glove. Is anti-cellulite massage with circular movements of the hands, covering the skin from knee to hip. To repeat, this is required before the red light. Using these simple tips in the care of the skin of the feet and legs can significantly prolong their youth and health.

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