Often a grueling workout not bring any results. This is because it is not enough just to do the exercises – you need to do it correctly.

How often do you need to download the press?

It is recommended to work your abdominal muscles more intensively other muscle groups. To pay attention to such exercises better at the end of the workout. If you do not strive to ensure that you have drawn six-pack abs, exercise without weight. But if on the contrary, it will complicate the task using dumbbells, weights on the legs, etc.

If you are not previously engaged in the sport, then pick a couple of exercises and start with a few repetitions and approaches. Getting used to the load, increase the intensity by adding complex new exercises. Next, perform each exercise in three sets with 15-20 repetitions.

Lack of time is not a reason to cancel the workout. During the week, do a daily one exercise for 20 repetitions 4 approach at a slow pace (each day train the next group of abdominal muscles, that is, pick seven different exercises). Eventually, when the exercises will be easy to complete, you can move on to more complex.

One of the most effective exercises for inflating the abdominal muscles is the leg raises on the bar in hanging (in the early stages of the legs can bend at the knees).

Another useful exercise is “concentric crunchy”. In the process of implementing simultaneously the legs bent at the knees and top of the torso. For a few seconds, the body position is recorded when the elbows touch the knees (in full simultaneous exhale and the inhale going back to the SP.

To work the oblique abdominal muscles fit “twisting” or “Bicycle crunches”. Exercises are carried out, as described above, but the movement is diagonal: right elbow stretches to the left knee, then left elbow to right. When you touch the knee and elbow body position fix, and then inhale gradually moving on to the SP.

Recall that beautiful press , you will require a serious effort and time, but with proper diligence, the result is sure to be made!

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