как уменьшить объем бедерFat in the thigh problem familiar to many, especially women. Often all efforts strict diet and training, aimed to reduce the size of the hips, turn out to be useless or lead to a decrease in other places, but not at the hips. But surrender is not necessary, persistent training, combined with a balanced healthy diet will help reduce the amount of fat in your body, including area of the thighs.


Cardiovascular and aerobic training

Aerobic exercise not only reinforce the heart muscle, but also help to make hip slimmer and stronger. Of course, no amount of exercise will not change the structure of DNA, but they are able to reduce the manifestations of genetic predisposition to cellulite or the accumulation of fat in certain areas.

Exercise helps strengthen the muscles and improve overall body regardless of what is in your genes.

As aerobic exercise and try Jogging or brisk walking, if you don’t like to jog or for some reason this kind of activity does not suit you, go for a Bicycle ride. Spend at least three of aerobic exercises per day, about 20 minutes each. If your goal is to get rid of excess weight and weight and maintain the achieved result in long-duration aerobic training should not be less than 45 minutes three times a week. Any physical activity is a kind of aerobic activity, instead of tor to rise in the Elevator, go upstairs, go to work on foot or get on the bike.


Strength training

Many women exclude strength training of your fitness program, believing that such exercises would only add more volume, from which they want to get rid of. Strength training does not lead to increase volumes of production, if you stick to a low-calorie balanced diet. Benefit from strength exercises for legs and hips is not only in increase of a tone of muscles and their more slender form, but also in the development of the forces. If you have strong legs and hips any aerobic and exercise will give you much easier.

Strength training is a small hotel, but with a large number of repetitions, this tactic allows you to burn calories more efficiently than during the training with great weight and small number of iterations. In addition you burn more calories during aerobic exercise and even during sleep, because in the developed muscles of metabolic processes occur much more intensive than in нетренированном body.


Variety of exercises for burning calories and get rid of thigh fat

There are many physical exercises, aimed at reducing the body weight and volume in the hips and buttocks. You can self to do the exercises at home or in the gym using different sports equipment, bench for feet, exercise machines for bending/leg extension, the device with weighting for tap of the foot in hand, and so forth.

If you have no possibility to go to the gym and do with sports equipment, you may use your own body weight, doing exercises for the lower body. Work with your own weight strengthens the muscles of the calf, inner and outer surface of the femur.

It strengthens hips and helps to burn fat step aerobics. Even if you have no special benches for Stepa, to perform simple exercises you can use a ladder.

Here are the exercises on the work front and back of the thighs:

  • For this exercise you need a common staircase to the second, third, or some other floor. Get as close to the bottom step, look right, to further support the hand resting on the railing.
  • Stand with one foot on the step, stop should not hang down, and completely standing on the surface, maintain body weight foot on the step, the knee should not act beyond the tip of the toes, turn up the second leg, fingers touching the stairs, then slowly return to the starting position. Try changing the legs, making the eight repetitions for each leg. Relax a little bit and make two or three approaches.

To stimulate the muscles of the upper and the lower zone of the femur fits the following exercise:

  • Lie down on the floor on her side, legs together forward. Lower leg slightly bend at the knee (not spreading the thighs), with one hand resting in the floor, the other to keep the head.
  • Pulling sock legs, slowly lift your upper leg as high as you can, or at least the provisions of the thighs. Slowly return to initial position and repeat eight times. Then over on the other side and make eight reps on the other leg. So, you’ve completed the first approach, make two or three approaches.

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