как убрать второй подбородокChin sooner or later you will have those who are gaining weight, especially in adulthood. How to remove a double chin in the shortest possible time and how can we prevent its appearance in advance? To answer this question, it is necessary to begin to understand the reasons for the appearance of this fat bag, which spoils the appearance and adds age. It is possible for many facts associated with this cosmetic defect, will be an interesting discovery.


Excess burden

Chin leaves total unfavorable impression even on the most beautiful face. If extra pounds and other flaws can be camouflaged clothing, with this unpleasant fat bag to do something without radical intervention difficult. People with a second chin look older and fuller, and different people its manifestations are marked differently.

It is impossible not to notice that for some people it looks like a thick fat pillow, the other can be flabby and stretched. Of course, age plays a big role, but not only maturity and extra pounds are the reason why the face is puffy cheeks and a second chin.


Causes of double chin

Among the main reasons for the appearance of double chin – weight. It is impossible to argue, because adipose tissue during weight gain many is deposited primarily in the area of the face, rounding it. But if people are not overweight, the risk of getting a second chin at him too, but that will happen later.

At a Mature age, the skin loses its elasticity and tissue begin tablet and SAG, and as a result there is a second chin, followed by a pronounced wrinkling.

And in the first and in the second case, on the appearance of a double chin influenced by genetics and innate physiological peculiarities of the skull. The risk of picking up a second chin with minimal susceptibility increases with the inclusion of adverse factors. Among them not only weight gain, but the fixation of the head in a certain position, for example during sleep.

Given that all of the three main factors only – this is a congenital predisposition with which to fight the hardest, the answer to the question how to remove a double chin, it becomes more clear. Is prevention, and the availability of chin – eliminating first non-invasive ways, then connect more radical cosmetic techniques.


Preventive measures

As one effective preventive measures will be a good cushion against a second chin. Actually it is not some special model, aimed at solving this problem, because high-quality, flat pillow or orthopedic shape can contribute to reduce the risk of double chin. Promotes the formation of fat bag chin area just sleep on a soft bed in which the head is in a high position relative to the body. So people spend every night for a few hours, tilting his chin to his chest, so the fabric retains that shape and eventually double chin will be more noticeable.

Another effective preventive measure is a gentle massage, gym with Pat and alternate prijemnymi chin to his chest. These procedures can be performed in the morning and evening.

Morning exercises can be combined with contrasting strokes and compresses wet towel. Wet a towel with hot water and press down or smack on the bottom of the problem area, then changing it to cool. On the evening of the procedure is good to complete a clay or other mask with the effect of lifting.


The struggle with the second chin

Compresses the second chin can help with sagging skin with ulterior fatty layer. One of the most common in addition to face masks out of clay is the compress mask of egg whites with a small amount of lemon juice. After a massage and a contrasting soft compresses, apply a protein on the chin area. Wash off the mask after complete drying. Easy tightening, whitening effect is noticeable immediately.

Simple and affordable poultice of grated raw potato also has a tightening effect. Put the paste on the problem area, you can secure the plastic wrap and secure with a cloth.


Cream from chin

High quality expensive cream from professional and drugstore lines will help to strengthen the skin, a little to tighten it in the initial stages of education, as well as when targeted against a second chin. The timing and order of application of different tools depends on the specific cream. Typically, these tools are not only used for the chin, but for the neck and decollete.

Your cream double chin, you may find the following brands:

  • Firming serum Double Chin Firming (DermaSilk)
  • Firming and firming cream, Shape Up (VLSS)
  • Cream for double chin and neck Reduchin (NewPeptin)
  • Anti-aging cream for neck and chin Anti-Aging Neck Cream (La Prairie)
  • Cream for the neck and chin Lift Therapy Perfomance Neck Solution (Atache Scientific Cosmetic)


Cosmetology from chin

How to remove a double chin fast? For this you need to attract cosmetic techniques. If you are interested in how to remove a double chin man, you should not waste time with folk remedies, which in the case of the opposite sex is unlikely to have any effect. It is better to go to the beauty salon.

How to reduce a double chin can also ask the beautician to prior consultation. For some patients suitable sculpted facial massage, others will need hardware lifting, someone may approach the reinforcement threads. It all depends on the indication and the severity of the problems.

Mesotherapy is often used in the chin area. Cosmetologists cut away that area “cocktails”aimed at splitting up the fatty tissue and skin lifting. Mesotherapy anti-double chin is usually included in the program of rejuvenation or weight loss as one of the procedures to which may be added mesotherapy of the face, neck and neckline, contour.


How to remove a double chin neinvazivnyi ways

If you are interested in how to remove a double chin, you can help cupping massage. Vacuum cupping the chin against the second great and highly effective tool, because with its help you can quickly get rid of the fat bags under the face. This massage lasts no more than ten minutes, the procedure should be repeated no more than once per week. Vacuum cupping massage eliminates swelling, helps rapid metabolism of adipose tissue, improving circulation and local metabolism.

To improve the efficiency of the procedure, the course of cupping massage should be combined with additional techniques, hardware or beauty.

To eliminate double chin hardware techniques used to remove excess fat in other parts of the body. This laser, ultrasound and radiofrequency (RF) lifting. It is possible to use as the main method or to combine with massage and diet.

Whichever way you choose, remember that this is a complex problem, and will require you to not only trips to the beautician or application of a cream, but revision lifestyle with the obligatory weight loss and combating age-related changes in tissues.

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