как убрать черные точки на носуBlackheads on the nose with black heads is a very common problem that affects people regardless of gender, age and skin type. Poor hygiene of the face, insufficient or regular cleaning will always lead to the formation of black spots on his nose, to which we have often touch. If the pores are by nature wide, blackheads on nose look even more ugly and make it difficult to create a beautiful makeup, pristupa even under the tonal resources. How to remove black spots on his nose, prolonging the effect of pure skin?


Home methods of exfoliation

Any cosmetologist copes with black points on a nose quickly and simply, it is available as chemical solutions and tools that allow you to pull the black plugs from the pores quickly. At home you too can do it, using exactly the same methods. If you have oily skin, enlarged pores, and you are prone to the formation of blackheads, you need to have a set and cosmetics for a quick cleansing of the pores on the nose, and perhaps the tools in the Arsenal of a professional beautician.


Professional approach

Mechanical cleaning of the face GRT black points are the most simple, effective, and if we are talking about the cleansing of the nose, not as painful as removing pustules on the face. You can purchase a spoonful of DNA and metal loop for mechanical exfoliation black dots, and to resort to this technique regularly.

To ease the task of liberation then, a little steam out the skin. You don’t have to steam the whole face, it is enough to put on the nose for a towel soaked in hot water. Then, armed with a spoon DNA, begin to squeeze black points, placing them in the hole and pushing. For hard to reach places, for example, on the wings of the nose, where they are adjacent to the area of the nasolabial folds, you can use a metal loop intensively clicking on it and gently leading, freeing the pores. After the procedure, the face can be wiped with a toner to tighten pores with antibacterial effect.


Homemade face mask film

как убрать черные точки на носуMask films are applied to the skin in liquid form, then freeze and form a film on which stick pollution, including black dots. Peel-off mask homemade is well suited for skin that has numerous black dots, but sitting not too deep, that is, the very pores of nature is not deep.

Homemade face mask film for removing blackheads from the nose can be prepared on the basis of gelatin and egg whites, the first method requires more time, but many people prefer it because of its high efficiency.

The basis of mask powder gelatin, to which is added activated carbon at the rate of one crushed tablet per scoop of powder. The mass is poured a small amount of milk or pure water, is brought to the state of the emulsion, is sent to 20 minutes in a warm place. Swollen gelatinous mass can be applied to the nose, capturing the scope of the cheeks for easy removal. The mask can be removed after drying.

Egg white to create an effective mask film for the nose to be mixed with two spoons of sugar. After dissolution of sand, apply egg mass on the nose and remove after drying.

To achieve a positive result from the mask film homemade pores on the nose it is necessary to prepare a steaming towel. Also can be a little to warm up the egg and gelatin mixture in the microwave, but not more than 5-10 seconds.


Clay mask (kaolin and volcanic clay)

как убрать черные точки на носу The Face Shop

The Face Shop

Clay can be of different kinds, and any cosmetic clay has absorbent properties. In other words, it draws the toxins, pollution, freeing the pores. This property is often used by manufacturers of cosmetic masks for deep pore cleansing from black dots.

You can make a clay mask yourself by purchasing a shop white clay powder, diluted with warm water to a thick consistency. In the range of cosmetic brands not deficient funds with clay for cleansing of pores. One of the most effective today is a volcanic clay, which is part of effective cleansing masks for gentle exfoliation without mechanical irritation of the skin.

Brand The Face Shop is a mask with the new Zealand volcanic clay, which is very effective for cleansing the pores on his nose. Mask New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack is designed specifically for the nose. It glides on evenly thick layer and is removed as a mask film after drying.


Cleansing strips

Cleansing strips for nose easy to use, you can carry with you wherever you go, and before you use do not need to steam the skin, which is very good for owners of large pores. The strip has adhesive adhesive side, which is not simply pull the black point of the nose, but also have additional positive properties – antibacterial, soothing, whitening.

Strips for nose from Biore include witch hazel extract and tea tree oil to enhance the antibacterial effect. Hypo-allergenic strips Beauty Formulas also include witch hazel extract and can be used even for sensitive skin. Mark cosmetics for young skin Cool&Cool releases strips for nose with activated carbon as the brand Cettua. Russian brand “Propeller” is widely known for its strips for pore cleansing nose with green tea extract.

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