как убрать расширенные поры на лицеHow to remove enlarged pores on the face, which can be so large that code looks porous and rough? For this purpose there are different techniques that you can apply in your home, and to apply them to the beautician. The second option is always preferable, because many girls sin independent inept attempts to make pores visually imperceptible, but the result is even more stretched wide pores or irritated skin, tired of the mismanagement of domestic procedures.

If a wide pores is your problem from birth or you accidentally pulled them yourself, get ready for a serious struggle with these defects. It, as with so many other cosmetic problems, an important regularity. Get rid of wide pores once and for all – the dream of all women, but unfortunately for them, the pore size is genetic, and not one doctor does not guarantee their irreversible narrowing. By extension then, is not only the high temperatures (washing, steaming in the sauna, high temperature), but also the impact from the inside.

If you are used to eat smoked meats, spicy dishes, alcoholic drinks, greasy skin with uneven color and enlarged pores – probably one of your problems. To start improving your diet, including in the diet of plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, food products containing zinc, drink at least 1.5 liters of water, and simultaneously start the fight with enlarged pores from the outside. It is to redefine methods for routine care and treatment of the help of a professional.


Clean and tone

Regular cleansing – the key to beautiful, smooth skin, oxygenated, but for tightening pores need to use cosmetic tonic. Porochivshimi properties have almost all tonics intended for young skin with acne and greasy luster. Even if you do not suffer from rashes and redness, choose a more neutral tonic with fruit acids, which not only quickly narrow pores, but make it perfectly matte.

Tone the skin and tighten pores can independently prepared solutions. You can make a decoction or herbal infusion, then cool it and apply to daily proteranii. Great tool for tightening pores ordinary green tea, for example, with Jasmine or mint. A weak solution of lemon juice can also narrow the pores, at the same time whiten the skin, notes it can be applied only if the integrity of the skin is not broken.


Cosmetics and disguises

To consolidate the effect of tonic and extend the visibility of the narrowed pores throughout the day will have to use other means, which are combined with the possibility of a nice smooth makeup. To align the relief of the skin, make its surface smooth and velvety and narrow pores, apply primers. They are applied on the skin before applying makeup foundations, but there are also comprehensive database that already combine and smoothing of the skin and dilated pores with tone correction. Your choice depends on your skin type and need to apply either a light adjustment base or primer, then concealer.

Primer the POREfessional Pore gold, moor mud Makeup Primer from the brand Benefit has the lightest texture and very quickly reduces the expression of wide pores, leaving the skin smooth. Contains no fat, so ideal for use on oily, combination and problem skin with acne.

как убрать расширенные поры на лице Benefit


как убрать расширенные поры на лице Clinique


Pore Minimizer T-zone Control from Clinique is a real beauty legend, which is well known to all who have picked up for themselves like cosmetics. It is stamped on the face of the thin layer and immediately tightens the pores, providing a smooth base for the next makeup application.

Nars Pore Refining Primer – mineral base primer containing no oils, which perfectly tightens pores, making the skin smooth and velvety.

как убрать расширенные поры на лице Nars


как убрать расширенные поры на лице Allure


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer from American beauty edition Allure once won the title best primer. This tool is intended for girls who need to be with a beautiful face in the photos. It evens out the skin tone and relief, reduces redness, reduces Shine and smoothes the severity of the pores in the most problematic areas.

For women who prefer luxury cosmetics, suitable serum for pores reduction Estee Lauder Idealist Pore gold, moor mud Skin Refinisher. It is not just tightens pores, but also transforms the face, giving him back the glow of youth.


Help professional cosmetology

For narrow pores can and should turn to cosmetic procedures, mainly to hardware. To reduce enlarged pores in cosmetology applied laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, chemical peels with astringent components, cryomassage.

Laser resurfacing and microdermabrasion is the most intensive and effective techniques that not only reduce pores, and transform the skin, erasing the signs of aging. They guarantee smooth skin without enlarged pores for a long time.

Chemical peels clean the skin, but may be contraindicated on the skin greatly irritated, hypersensitive, allergic. The cryo – massage with the use of liquid nitrogen, has a beneficial effect on a wide pores due to an effect of very low temperature, intolerance which may be the only contraindication.

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