как убрать веснушки с лицаFreckles – charming “kissing the sun” on the cheeks, those who does not, can cause even envy. Girls who got on the nature of such an ornament, often want to get rid of them, because they find a clean uniform skin more beautiful. To argue in this case is impossible, and while for some they are an expression of individuality and the personification of youthful charm, for others freckles is disfiguring spots, which cannot be considered a real beauty. How to remove freckles from the face, and is it possible to do this once and for all?


How to remove freckles from the face: acid and bleaching wiping

как убрать веснушки с лицаThe removal of freckles home remedies is still relevant, despite the fact that on the shelves of beauty is not observed deficit budget and professional tools. Usually ready-made creams and serums applied natural ingredients with bleaching effect, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that in order to use these tools separately.

Lemon juice is one of the oldest and most effective means for removing freckles. It is not necessary in the hope to whiten skin in a single application, RUB the cheeks of pure fresh juice – you will get burn and irritation. Dilute lemon juice with water to tolerable consistency and wipe freckles several times a week. You should not use this method if the integrity of the skin is broken, otherwise it will be unbearably painful.

Wiping or mask with a solution of hydrogen peroxide is also a very effective remedy for freckles. Take 3-6% peroxide solution, mix it with potato flour to a state of pulp, which can easily be applied and spread evenly on the face. Apply on face and wait until dry, then rinse with cool water or water with a small amount of lemon juice.

Lemon and hydrogen peroxide for removing freckles is recommended when dense normal or oily skin. If the skin is hypersensitive, problem with acne, it is better to choose less aggressive acid compositions. These include masks casic or wiping the juice of apples, lemon zest or lime, blackcurrant, strawberry.

If the skin is sensitive, and it requires not only eliminate the freckles, but also moisturizing and protection, it is better to do without the aggressive fruit acids, applying for removing freckles juice or pulp of cucumber, yogurt. These products are also cope with freckles, if you RUB their face every day.


Cosmetics from freckles

If you are struggling with freckles, it is recommended to buy a cream that contains a balanced composition, which cares for the skin, gradually removing it from freckles.

  • If you stick to natural products with Botanical ingredients, you may like the cream from freckles Freckle Cream from the brand Cure Herbals. This special cream is applied to skin in a thin layer twice a day. Its effect is preserved for up to 8-10 hours. To use you need to achieve a positive effect.
  • Brand Somnus produces cream complex impact Freckle Removing Cream. It can be used daily as a regular daily moisturizer. This tool is not only struggling with freckles, but also perfectly moisturizes the skin, erasing the traces of age-related changes.
  • C+M Anti-Spots & Freckles Intensive Whitening Cream is an effective French remedy for whitening skin, remove freckles and age spots. The cream contains green tea extract and excellent protection from UV rays.
  • Superfade Original Cream treatment cream for freckles and pigmentation marks John Plunkett. This effective cream for freckles, originally created for Australian women whose skin is constantly exposed to the effects of ultraviolet light. It is well to brighten the skin and erases age spots and freckles.


The removal of freckles laser

как убрать веснушки с лицаAmong all the methods of hardware cosmetology for removing freckles most popular laser resurfacing. Using a laser beam pigmented areas of the skin are coagulated, the pigment literally fades. Laser effects on the skin effectively, after the decay of the formed brown skin becomes cleaner and more evenly colored, bright, but perfect result in the complete disappearance of freckles no one can give.

In addition, after the positive results of laser resurfacing freckles, they may reappear in the genetic characteristics and exposure of the skin to sunlight. And don’t forget about the list of contraindications to the procedure, including pregnancy and lactation, Oncology, diabetes, dermatitis, herpes, infectious diseases in the acute stage, the damaged and inflamed skin at the site of the proposed treatment.

All procedures for the removal of freckles, including laser resurfacing, it is desirable at times when the sun is not so active. In summer and in winter to prevent the appearance of freckles before going out on the street must be applied to the skin cream with a good level of protection with SPF.

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