как убрать носогубные складки“Mournful” folds running from the nose to the corners of the lips give the face a sad and grumpy expression, given the age and to reduce the appeal. So the question is, how can I remove nasolabial folds, is one of the most important for women (and sometimes men) over the age of 30-40 years. Are there any ways to get rid of this drawback?


Causes and prevention

Pronounced nasolabial folds can be a feature of the structure of the face, but can appear with age. In the first case, it is doubtful “decoration” especially in adolescence. If these folds is a sign of the passing years, they usually appear after the age of 30.

When nasolabial folds – the anatomical feature to get rid of them is unlikely. But sometimes, these wrinkles are the result of unhealthy lifestyles and Hobbies diets. In this case it is better to take care of the lifestyle change than to think than to remove nasolabial folds. It is desirable from a young age to maintain a stable weight is not to gain extra pounds and not lose weight through extreme dieting. Drastic weight fluctuations cause the skin becomes less elastic, droops folds. Badly affects the skin and harmful habits. Poor environment can also accelerate the aging process.

As a preventive measure beauticians usually recommend exercises for the face and massage, including running independently. These simple measures help to maintain a good tone facial muscles and, consequently, do not allow the skin to SAG. The most important thing is to exercise regularly. If you think about gymnastics once a week, there will be no effect, if every day to devote at least a few minutes to exercise, you will be able if not to prevent the appearance of nasolabial folds, or at least to delay it.

Massage is also important to do this regularly yourself or beautician. It is very important to perform the massage correctly, because otherwise, this procedure can only do harm, to stretch the skin and lead to the formation of new wrinkles.


How to remove nasolabial folds: exercises

Hasbinding (gymnastics long face) is very effective in preventing the formation of the nasolabial folds. But if you already have wrinkles, you only exercise is unlikely to smooth skin. At the same time, in combination with other, more radical methods, gymnastics for the face can be very effective.

To prevent sagging of the cheeks a good following exercises:

  • To deploy the palm of your hand, put your thumbs under the chin, and the indicator shall be placed along the nasolabial folds. Light vibrating movements as if to lift the cheeks up within one minute;
  • Warm hands, four fingers to stroke the cheeks from the corners of the lips to the temples, as if painted on smile. Repeat the exercise for one minute;
  • To put his hands on her cheeks, and the little fingers should be on the nasolabial folds. Lightly should lift the cheeks soft strokes up for a minute;
  • Pull the lips and insert a spoon between them. Try to lift the spoon as high as possible, and when Cutlery will reach the highest point, to stay in this position, smiling and straining the muscles of the cheeks. The exercise should be repeated 10 to 30 times.


Is it possible to remove nasolabial folds with hyaluronic acid?

Contour, i.e. the filling of wrinkles with fillers is the most popular method for the correction of nasolabial folds. Generally used fillers based on hyaluronic acid, which provides good wetting of the skin, restores its elasticity and evens. As a result, the face looks much younger, wrinkles are smoothed from the inside.

The disadvantages of injections of hyaluronic acid can be attributed to short-lived (less than a year, and usually about 6 months) effect, the appearance of the characteristic swelling in the areas of introduction of hyaluronic acid, as well as contraindications, all of the injection procedure.

In some cases, instead of hyaluronic acid is used autologous fat. This procedure is the correction of nasolabial folds called lipofilling. The result is a more natural and durable, but often there are complications, such as rejection entered adipose tissue.


Botox, Dysport, plastic surgery

Many cosmetologists are confident that habit grimace leads to premature formation of the nasolabial folds. Rich facial expressions, of course, adds charm and makes a face expressive, but it is the cause of the appearance of facial wrinkles. To fight these wrinkles apply injections of Botox (Dysport). These drugs are botulinum toxin – a poison that causes paralysis of the muscles. The muscles relax and become stationary, the facial expression slightly depleted, but the skin returns to its former smoothness. After a few months of botulinum toxin absorbed, and the procedure must be repeated.

The use of Botox is not always justified for the treatment of nasolabial wrinkles, but sometimes this method proves to be effective. It must be remembered that the method has a number of contraindications and is not for everyone. It is believed that during the limited mobility of muscles of the person is used to dispense the active facial expressions, and therefore, no preconditions for the emergence of nasolabial wrinkles. But it does not always happen, and in most cases requires repeated injections of botulinum toxin.

Traditional surgical “face-lift” allow, among other things, smooth and the region of the nasolabial triangle. Since this operation is traumatic and requires further rehabilitation, surgical tightening impractical to do if nasolabial folds are the only problem. But this surgery can correct several defects at a time, so surgical lifting, it is recommended to do at the age of 50 years.

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