Убрать жир с ляшек

How to remove the fat from LASEK, think almost every second woman. External, internal and back surface of the hips is one big problem area, which prevent girls and women to dress in tight mini, which will be clearly traced the contours of the “breeches”. And how to walk on the beach without pareo cannot be and speeches! Learn how to get rid of the “awards”that we have received from nature itself, as a family “inheritance” and as retribution for a wrong way of life?

Why suffer our Laski?

Before you remove fat and cellulite on leskaj, it would be interesting to know where do you receive this defect figures. The reasons can be few and very often they have a complex effect on the female body shape. First, destroyest hips can be genetically determined. If your family women not one generation have full legs, then with this Constitution to fight hard. This inherited trait may appear immediately or after pregnancy and childbirth.

Secondly, the culprit that raises the need to remove the fat from thighs, is the very purpose of a woman is to bear and give birth to offspring. Nature is concerned that the female person, which unlike other representatives of the mammal world moves on two limbs and body which there is no protective wool, could yield the fruit without risk. During puberty our belly and notorious hips start to acquire a fatty layer – “for the sake of future generations.”

Third, another factor, which is the opposite of the previous one, but in this case works with nature at the same time is a modern civilization. And how to remove the fat from LASEK, if the way of life that leads to the vast majority of women cannot be called healthy? Our work is sedentary, leisure – too (TV, computer). We prefer to move by public transport or private car. Eat refined foods and everything that can be prepared quickly.

In the latter case there is a question not only about the reduction of fat surrounding the hip, but also about how to remove cellulite from Lasik. The “orange peel” appears when anyone, even a thin Constitution physique, and its liquidation is extremely difficult. Below, we will consider all known techniques of correction.

Traditional methods

Diet. You can follow all kinds of strict and gentle methods of weight loss, practice fasting days. But, as a rule, to eliminate fat and cellulite on leskaj, the priest and other troubled parts of the body an objective look at your diet, to admit mistakes and weaknesses and make necessary adjustments, making menu is complete and balanced.

Massage. Quite effective procedure that can perform both the professional and the one who decided to remove the fat from Lasik yourself. In the latter case it is enough to learn the technique of massage the hips and select cosmetic or essential oil, which will facilitate the movement of hands during the session and will increase the effectiveness of the procedure. You can use roller and “spiked” massagers.

Wraps. I reflected on how to remove the fat from LASEK, and at the same time reduce the appearance of cellulite can help home wraps that use different formulations – blue clay, Apple cider vinegar. There are a number of effective recipes on the basis of honey, which helps the body get rid of toxins, hindering the process of losing weight.

Cosmetic. High-quality cream-sauna, scrubs, anticollision, as a rule, are composed of fat-burning components that actively help to remove cellulite from Lasik. By the way, you can use these tools before exercise – smear trouble spots, wear underwear or legs wrapped with cling film and do. The effect will be noticeable much faster.

Water procedures. Here you will find shower, Charcot shower or home with a special nozzle, solvent and soda baths, swimming pool, aquagym. A great addition to such procedures will become a weekly visit to the sauna or bath.

Physical exercises. Reduce the appearance of cellulite and remove fat between Lasik using complex aerobic and strength training, training on cardio and weight training equipment. Urgent all kinds of gymnastics – callanetics, oxisols, qigong, yoga. You can enroll in classes for sports dances or Pilates.

Alternative methods

At home remove fat between Lasik and cellulite on their external surface is not so simple. As you have already understood, it is a long process that involves remarkable patience and willpower. But experts clinics of aesthetic medicine offer to make the impossible possible much faster. For those who don’t want every day to force your body diets and workouts and wants to decorate his slim hips in ultra-short and tight clothes, offers a radical solution of the problem:

  • liposuction – operating radical method, which helps to immediately remove the fat from Lasik. In one operation plastic surgeons extort from body to 500 ml of adipose tissue, which gives the effect of weight loss on 2-3 size clothing;
  • cavitation is a non-surgical procedure that is an effect on unwanted fat ultrasound. The fat cells are converted to liquid emulsion, which in the course of the month are processed by the liver and excreted from the body in a natural way;
  • mesotherapy under the skin in problem areas of the body injector gun or syringe with ultra-thin needle is introduced special “cocktail” of drugs, which slowly disappear in the mesoderm and to break down fat;
  • cryolipolysis - impact on deposits cold with a special device. In this way, reduce cellulite and remove fat from Lasik possible for a single procedure. During the month, gradually goes up to 25 % layer.

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