Immediately after the procedure for extension of the nails look perfectly. Unusual and bright design your nails can be delicate, as the Italian tile, and to surprise their uniqueness of others. A week passed, then another, and from perfect nails remains only their like, you start to attend thought that it is necessary to remove the nail plastics. There are only three variants: to make correction of the wizard, remove the nails with that or try to manage on their own.

Как снять нарощенные ногти 1

For removing acrylic nails by yourself you should:

  1. To buy a special solvent for acrylic in the ideal case. If you do not, then your regular liquid varnish remover (required areconsidered) or acetone.
  2. Prepare Vata, nail file, pieces of foil, tweezers.
  3. With nail clippers remove excess length, gradually taking the free edge of the nail. Do this procedure carefully, as acrylic is easy to crumble, and its small particles can get into the eyes.
  4. Now it is very important to be patient and to delete the file of the protective layer of finish-gel. Check carefully or the whole layer of you made, because without this softening himself acrylic under it will not be able
  5. Proceed to delete the acrylic: soak a piece of cotton wool in acetone and put the nail plate, then quickly close a piece of foil, shaking the nail as candy wrapper to prevent evaporation of the solvent. Wait half an hour and check softened whether acrylic. If this happens, remove the remnants of the orange stick.

Как снять нарощенные ногти

After this procedure, nails need solicitous care: the power of creams and strengthening protective varnish.

Как снять нарощенные ногти 3

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