как убрать вес бедерHow to remove weight from your thighs? First of all, one should understand that the fat from the hips and thighs will not go away if by magic. To these zones looked fit and slender this you need to burn the most fat.



To achieve at least a minimum result for the beginning it is necessary to reduce the number of calories consumed understand this and know almost everything, but not everyone is aware that one of reducing calories is not enough to solve the problem of fat thighs.

Reduction of volume of consumed calories absolutely not equal to the process of fat burning, cutting calories, actually, you burn a significant amount of muscle mass or reduce stocks glycogen in the body. Many people have resorted to harsh diets, lose weight, pace yourself long runs and marathons for me, but it does not reach significant changes in the buttocks and thighs.

Some women even say «increase» in these areas after a certain diets and exercises. Actually this is not happening, the volume goes with the hips as well as with other parts of the body, but much more slowly, that is why after the diet you look more elegant, only some parts of the body become more visible. For example, pear shape body after the diet you will lose weight, but especially грушевидного physique become more visible, and if you burned a certain amount of muscle mass, the figure will not look toned and on the contrary, the loose.


Features of the structure of the body and workout

The fat in these areas have certain peculiarities, their structure differs from the fat on the abdomen, the women fat differ from fat men. Due to the hormone estrogen in these areas is nine times more suppressing fat receptors (for lovers of scientific terms, it is about the alpha-adrenergic receptors, the concentrations of which are observed in the lower part of the female body).

Alpha-adrenergic receptors have increased sensitivity to the hormone insulin, respectively lower insulin levels significantly lowers the activity of these receptors. Morning exercise on an empty stomach stimulates the destruction of fat in problem areas, as well as receptors at this time are less sensitive and less active. Short but intensive training and work with weights helps to burn fat without losing muscle mass.

Start with a short interval training for 5-10 minutes, so you will increase the level of stress hormones that stimulate the burning of fat, this hormone is called катехоламин.

This hormone interacts with the receptor, сигающими fat (beta-adrenergic receptors) and жиронакопительными receptors (alpha-adrenergic receptors). However, in this situation, the alpha is somewhat depressed due to low insulin, so катехоламин more directed to the stimulation of beta receptors.

Classes are on a hungry stomach in a more conducive to weight loss in the upper part of the body, but the overall picture is not spoil.

If you find it difficult to engage on an empty stomach, s feel lack of energy and lack of energy, try 30-15 minutes before exercise, drink a Cup of coffee and/or take a Supplement БСАА.

5-10 minute interval training alternate with 20-25 minute periods load using your own body weight. Focus on the exercises aimed at strengthening the lower part of the body, the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.

After training, you should not fall on the sofa, walk in the fresh air for 30-60 minutes. Intensive half-hour load releases large amounts of fat, but the release of fat does not mean fat burning.

Lipolysis and lipid oxidation is not the same. Slow walk also to perform better on an empty stomach, thus the level of cortisol in the body is reduced, that promotes the burning released fat, not his re-accumulation.


Food additives

Some supplements help to bypass adrenergic receptors, most often the name of these drugs ends with «in», but their use is completely useless if you don’t control insulin levels through diet with limited content carbohydrates or regular posts. Such supplements should be taken prior to exercise, but before going to the shop sports nutrition, be sure to discuss the question of acceptance fat burn supplements with the doctor or a nutritionist.

Some supplements such as, for example, green tea extract, can be taken at any time of the day, but they do not operate with a vibrating level of insulin.

Remember that even long grueling training, you do not get rid of the fat in the thighs, if you do not adhere to proper diet. If you are not going to change your diet, you can even not to spend money on a pair of shoes and sport clothes. Do not forget to include the training program work with weights, otherwise your back will never become strong, and the legs are seeing the beautiful shape.

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