Every woman knows how important it is for any image to have beautiful nails. Manicure now can vary from simple processing to nail. In the last couple of years is very much popular special coating shellac. It can give a perfect appearance, kept on the nail about 2-3 weeks, and also gives you a lot of space for imagination. For such a procedure can go to the salon or buy the gel nail cheap and necessary equipment and begin to create.
Как вернуть здоровье ногтям после снятия шеллака?1
After shellac is very important to properly care for nails, for the beauty demands victims, and in this situation such a sacrifice is the health of the nail plate. First a prerequisite for recovery is a careful attitude to the nails. After dense coverage they can become thinner, easy to break down and decompose, so temporarily to grow them will not work. Nails should be regularly cut and try not to use them to pick up anything.

Another important condition for the rapid recovery of the nail is their holiday. Within two weeks categorically cannot repeat any manicure, even at home it is advisable not to paint the nails of the usual varnish. Also cutoff manicure may severely damage your plate, metal objects from thin nails easily remain markings that are not already removed.

It is very important to choose the right cosmetic means to accelerate the process of healing and growth, because the damaged plate can simply cut and eventually it will grow back. Very useful and cuticle oil and skin around the nails, they have a specific place and allow you to quickly recover a platter. Firming bath for hands is another nice addition which positively affects the arms in General, however, then you should not forget about moisturizing cream.

During external influences many recall the importance of the inner. Any vitamin complex on the basis of calcium can speed recovery nail twice. Proper diet based on vegetables and fruits also brings sooner or later its fruits. The main benefit that such a power may not only affect the nails, but in General to have a positive impact on the condition of the body.

Как вернуть здоровье ногтям после снятия шеллака?3
To restore the nails after shellac is very important to find some useful procedures and some time refers to the plate with special attention, but such manipulations are easily justified by regular opportunities to restore the beauty of the hands, paying attention to themselves.

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