как правильно бегать чтобы похудетьRunning is available for almost all sport. You can put on your running shoes and go Jogging. The only thing that can stop you, you do. However, for those who want to get rid of extra pounds are not enough to run correctlyto lose weight and expect that your small flaws will disappear as quickly as it appeared. In this case, you should follow certain precautions.


How to start Jogging

Be patient and start to run nice and slow. Many believe that Jogging is a simple and risk-free sport, where you simply put one foot in front of the other… This is false. Running is a traumatic kind of sport for the body, fluctuations with each step affect the bones, ligaments and muscles. 15 minutes of easy running, allow you to acclimate and avoid fatigue from the first minute, but will be effective for you.

Getting used every week to run, you will notice that gradually increases your endurance, and, therefore, there a few extra minutes for running. The man who runs not for weight loss but for good health, sufficient 40-45 minutes. If this is not enough, can extend to 60 minutes, but no longer.

If you feel that the rhythm is too high for you, alternate running and walking, the main thing that all lasted 45 minutes. It all depends on personal experience in the race. If you already have a habit and know what pace suits you, you can run 3 times a week. It will be evidence of your experience and special motivation. You can alternate running. Fast 30 seconds slow 30 seconds fast or 4 minutes slow and 4 minutes. It will be easier to run if you do it in the morning on an empty stomach. An empty stomach body will have to manage their inventory. However, don’t run too fast.

Are baked by fire after running, it is very important to pay attention to the shoes.


Therapeutic running

Jogging is recommended for the solution of problems of blood glucose, pressure, and cardiovascular diseases. Running also helps to fight against memory problems associated with degenerative diseases.

The acceleration of metabolism caused by physical activity, improves blood circulation and exchange of fluids, promotes the excretion of accumulated toxins.

During and after physical activity, drink plenty of fluids. Water will not make you gain weight. But the lack of fluids in the body can lead to serious functional problems.



In order to avoid stretch marks and leg cramps, don’t forget to warm up before a jog and do some stretching exercises of the muscles after it.

For those who started running recently, it is recommended to alternate 2-3 minutes of running and one minute of rest. This allows you to gradually get used to the load, losing weight.

Another way to run to lose weight, alternating Jogging with other exercises. For example, after a certain period of time you can stop Jogging and Cycling. Thus, you will continue to waste energy, but the effort will not be so monotonous. You can also stop and rock press or do push-UPS.



Pay attention to your diet. Try to eat at certain hours to avoid snacking. Eat more vegetables and fruit, reduce the amount of fat, drink water or energy drinks. Less cookies or other industrial products. Possible replace them with almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, seasonal fruits.

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