Stratification of the plate begins in women for several reasons. Perhaps it is the result of improper care or lack of mineral substances.
Exfoliate the nails what to doif after the varnish or harvesting, they have lost their beauty? The recovery process will depend on the cause of the delamination, the main of which are:

  • lack of vitamins, iron, calcium or silicon;
  • the negative impact of detergents;
  • the constant presence of water or a wet environment;
  • error when performing a manicure.

At deficiency of calcium should be consumed a multivitamin or vitamin D in combination with the mineral. “Sunshine” vitamin increases the percentage of digestible calcium. In addition, included in the diet as many foods that contain this mineral substance. The shortage of silicon is compensated using currants, bananas, salad, green beans and parsley. The increase of iron in the body is provided with meat, liver, beans, herbs and dried fruits. It is also possible to use drugs against anaemia. Sudden lack of vitamins is compensated by the special complexes for nail sinkers. They contain all the essential nutrients for nails.
Как спасти слоящиеся ногти рук2
If you eat one or two times a week dishes with gelatin, for example, jelly, nails are much stronger and will grow much faster. Avoid contact with harmful for plates substances for cleaning and disinfection of clean rubber gloves.
Как спасти слоящиеся ногти рук
When peeling nails is desirable to perform a few rules.

1. The layer of varnish is removed with solutions without acetone in the composition.
2. You should give your nails a break from Polish on two or three days.
3. It is better not to use a nail file made of metal as they can scratch and damage the plates. Movement should be performed only in one direction.
4. The best option edge – semi-square or oval.
5. Application of strengthening solutions minimizes damage to the plates.

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