как подобрать стиль одежды парнюMens clothing style – it is primarily an expression of their individuality. This is part of the truth, which is reflected in their clothes. How to choose the style of clothing the guy, because everyone chooses their own? One of the stops on the style “work clothes”, with a strong and masculine clothing. Others taste more elegant style: beautiful shoes, suit jacket…


The trendy traces

The main thing – to understand themselves, know themselves, feel at ease. Pick your style of clothes – so work on yourself to understand and get to know their tastes, not blindly follow the trend of one or another glossy magazine, paid trademarks.

Follow fashion – it may be a bit exaggerated. When a new season changes everything, because you don’t know what you want and they’ll buy anything. The result? You are in harmony with yourself and the world around you. In this case, to choose a style of clothing means to acquire self-confidence. For this you need to understand your goals, your desires, the world and the end result is less money thrown to the wind.

Clothing style for men – the main thing is his personality. For men, it is important to be fashionable. Special attention is paid to detail. Extremely rare to find an image that may at first seem simple.

To learn how to dress properly, you need to answer yourself a number of questions:

  • what causes you greater interest: clothing or fashion?
  • what other artistic media you can Express your style?
  • are you happy with your current life?
  • will fashion for you a hobby or part of life?



To properly dress, you need to adhere to certain rules.

Know the basics of men’s fashion (to pick up clothes to size, to avoid the bad ratio of price and quality, to be able to determine the quality of the brand, to be able to combine items of clothing).

Know and understand trends, to sharpen your instinct and your understanding of the codes of men’s fashion, to gradually develop your own style.

No need to think about it too much, really shouldn’t dwell on the aesthetic result of the clothes do not have to know its production and all its technical characteristics. This will allow you to navigate to what interests you.

Fashion is not an exact science. You can try a few different images, to understand what suits you the most. However, not knowing the basic foundations, you in vain to waste too much strength. Oddly enough, but the most simple concepts can help avoid catastrophic errors. It is not necessary to purchase the clothes that you absolutely do not need, only because of the low prices.

Each garment also has a specific case: the jacket is much more difficult to combine with sneakers. At least, it needs to develop a contrast of styles. Similarly, sweatshirt or hoodie do not match with formal shoes.

Too discreet style means too little of individuality. Copied and shared images that do not differentiate you from others. In this case, you pay little attention to what you wear.

The neutral style more or less is chosen for your body type and social context in which you are developing. However, you still merge with the mass.

Picking is the antithesis of restrained style. In this case the emphasis is on things that attract attention. You combine things without giving a report that the result is far from harmonious. One might even say shocking.

The perfect style is your own. Everything is in harmony, from the cut to color. You are able to Express their creativity through various trends, expressing its own individuality.

You must learn to choose clothes by size, no more, no less. There is nothing more unsightly than a t-shirt from tight-fitting lycra or too loose shirts in which you to seem short.

Don’t wear just a black thing. Prefer basic colors (grey, white, beige, blue), which are perfectly combined with each other.

Do not neglect the care of shoes. There is nothing worse than dirty or unpolished shoes. Perhaps shoes are the most important element of your image and a couple of unkempt shoes can ruin that.

Make a list of basic things to buy, to avoid hasty purchases.

  • High-quality jeans. To ensure correct size is chosen, the jeans should fit snugly on you. Over time, the fabric will stretch and accept your forms
  • A pair of sneakers. Gray is recommended because of its versatility. If not, the preference remains the basic colors.
  • Grey or dark blue blazer with appropriate size. The back of the blazer should reach half of the buttocks.
  • A few shirts, good cut. The seam on the shoulders should match the bones of your shoulder. A small space at the level of the armpits – a synonym for a properly selected size in accordance with your body type.
  • Basic t-shirts.
  • Black, grey or brown strap.
  • Winter coats in basic colors depending on your physique.

Starting from this basis, you can develop your style as you gain knowledge in the field of fashion.

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