How many people are daily confronted with the problem of matching tie. This concerns both men and women, too, when they want to make a gift to his beloved, or when they are asked about what the tie is better suited to one or another shirt. Most often, choice is incorrect, and all because of the fact that people do not follow the rules. To avoid mistakes, you should know how to correctly choose a tie.
Как подбирать галстук – простые советы1
Basic rules

  • If the shirt is monotone, then wear a tie must.
  • If you plan to wear a suit with a pattern, pick him only tie, made in one color. And, on the contrary, it is better to buy a tie with the pattern, if the suit is monochromatic.
  • It is important that the tie is well combined with the colour of the shirt. One-color tie is perfect for a bright shirt with a pattern.
  • The tie should always be a little darker shirts. Keeping this simple rule, you can avoid mistakes in the future.
  • If a man wears a handkerchief, then he must approach the tie, it has to be the same color.
  • By dark, black tie, it is best to wear silk tie. Ties of synthetic fabrics are usually only with a leather jacket.
  • You cannot wear a tie with a jacket sports style or wool.
  • Do not forget about how wide should the tie. The more people in the shoulders, the wider he needs a tie, follow proportionality.
  • Do not allow anything to tie hung below the belt. This is ugly and ridiculous. The ideal length of a belt of trousers.

Как подбирать галстук – простые советы
In addition to complying with all these tips you should be able to correctly and accurately tie a tie. So he always looked beautiful. The poet if you wear a tie made of thick fabric, you have to tie it in whenever solve put it on. Ties of more soft tissues you can tie again every four days, depending on how often it is worn.

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