Now quite common nail painting is not the usual varnishes, gel Polish, which strengthens the nail plate, this gives a beautiful Shine. Having all the necessary tools, you can do a manicure yourself at home without spending money on going to the salon. A significant advantage is that by yourself nail Polish can be done anywhere and anytime, without waiting for the appointed time.
Как самостоятельно нанести гель-лак?
Beautiful manicure this is the final touch to the image. To create something truly beautiful, you should spend a lot of time, but after one or two times, the process is simplified due to the acquired experience. Thus, in order to create a beautiful manicure and to use the gel Polish for a more stable result.

The stages of application of gel-Polish

1. First we need to lead the nails in order. You should create a desired shape and to remove the cuticle. After walk again PAVICOM to remove all remaining Shapochka. Nothing should be under the lacquer, and then he can withdraw the whole plate.

2. Degreased nails. To do this, dipped in liquid varnish remover with a cotton swab to wipe the nails.
Как самостоятельно нанести гель-лак?4
3. Apply base. Should be performed gently and with a very thin layer. The base is very liquid, as well as other substances, so for a start it is recommended to do one nail. Next, use the lamp. Cooking time is at least a minute. This information can be obtained when buying, because it depends on the manufacturer. It is best to bake 3 minutes.

4. The next stage is painting nail gel lacquer. At this point you some magic and give the nail the desired thickness. Layers is applied as much as your heart desires, to achieve the desired color. The baking time of each layer 4 minutes.

5. After baking varnish applied top coat. By using a top you can also add thickness to the nail, thereby strengthening it. Cooking time is 3 minutes.
Как самостоятельно нанести гель-лак?3
6. Finally, remove the sticky layer. To do this, wet a piece of cotton with alcohol and wipe each nail. Prior to that, the nails will not thrust, so that the surface would not yield deformation.

You should ensure that nothing was spreading, because after baking excess sustinet on the fingers. In any case, if this happens, do not worry. Any excess can be neatly sawed or RASPAIL to remove.

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