Not every girl can boast of a strong and long nails. Many complain that the nails do not grow or very exfoliate and keep breaking. The main reason for such problems is the lack of proper care for the nail plate. Meanwhile, the nails are one of the main focuses successful in the female form.
Что делать, если слоятся ногти3
By the way, important detail is properly selected and aroma. For example, montale perfume can make to the female image notes of mystery and elegance, and well-done manicure is the perfect complement to the overall attractiveness.

Nails are usually exfoliate due to the lack of vitamins and minerals, so simply can not do without regular masks for hands and nails. You can purchase Bigelow mask with protein complex and calcium, are also helpful is vitamin D, which is sold in pharmacies.
Ломкие слоящиеся ногти. Кальций и магний.
Since peeling nails can occur due to frequent contact with water and chemicals, wash dishes, and perform household chores is best to wear gloves. To further combat the harmful effects of the various funds for the nails, you can use cosmetic oils, the composition of which contains olive, aloe, tea tree or oil kiwi. Enough every day to put oil on the treated nails before going to bed for the night it is absorbed and helped to strengthen the nail plate.

Stratification is not always caused by the above problems. Often the culprit of this is the mistress nails, which incorrectly uses the nail files or nail polishes. To cut and to Polish the nails should always only in one direction – so the nail plate is not subject to destruction, especially at the edge of the nail. As for the manicure, apply a colored lacquers preferably the varnish base. It not only helps to align the color and texture of the coating, but also protect your nails from harmful chemical components of varnish, additionally preventing stratification.
Что делать, если слоятся ногти2
Thus, only under careful and constant care nails will cease to exfoliate and will please the woman of your beauty and accuracy.

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