Krasnodar on a number of economic indicators is not inferior to Moscow and the Northern capital, therefore, popularly called the southern capital of Russia. There is no rush, rushing crowds, such as in large cities, on the contrary friendly people ready to answer all questions, and even pleasure ride to the next stop to show the way forward. Krasnodar is able to conciliate their guests each, arriving one day, falls in love with this rich bright colors of the city for the whole life.
Как провести время в южной столице России
Apartments for rent in Krasnodar often shoot visitors who want to save money. After all, hospitable and warm with the sun city offers so many pleasant surprises, that is hard to resist. Many entertainment centers, hotels, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, parks anyone can find a place like and can afford.

Certainly, many lovers of the active holiday will be interesting to go to the aquapark, Oceanarium, which opened recently. Also the Krasnodar will surprise you with the Safari Park, the only place in Russia where a variety of animals not less capital. For very young guests a wide choice of entertainment that parents will barely have time to translate their desire into reality.
Как провести время в южной столице России1
For culture lovers can visit more than 12 museums, more than 10 theatres, art galleries and concert halls. Also in the city’s parks, which number more than 6, you can have fun and enjoy the fresh air. If you have spare time you can look at the local sights, the number of which is growing each year. For example, to go on the bridge of Kisses or on the fountain of wishes, to look at the monument to him and the Production of the well-known film or on the monument to the Dogs, enjoy the steam Locomotive monument and the monument to the Wallet.

In General, all beautiful places in the southern capital and do not count. Just need to stay in this friendly city.

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