What woman doesn’t dream of a beautiful and well-groomed nails? Alas, not all salon not suit everyone, due to lack of money or time. What can you do? The answer is very simple – take care of your nails at home can not be worse than in the salon! The main thing to not be lazy and choose the best method of care.
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It is understood that the nails women can say exactly about the woman. Of course, you can knit ugg boots to buy, which in this season is very fashionable, to purchase costly garments, but it still can’t hide a messy fingernails. It should be noted that care is needed not only for the nails on the hands and feet, even if it is not necessary to remove the same, very fashionable ugg boots.

Even our grandmothers knew many home remedies for nail care. The basis for them was often just one ingredient is gelatin. This amazing product is comprised almost entirely of protein and fills every crack nail, embedded in its structure, makes nails strong, elastic, and can Shine manicured fingers with a beautiful manicure!
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Recipe No. 1. Take a sachet of gelatin, without dyes and preservatives. Before the procedure, dilute 1 teaspoon in a glass of lukewarm water. Leave the liquid for 20 minutes to cool and swell. Meanwhile, you need to prepare your nails and hands to the procedure. Coat the cuticle softening oil and push to the base, then spread his hands and nail moisturizer, which allow to dry. After that, you need to take in gelatin bath hands within 30 minutes. Enough to do these procedures several times a week and about problems with nails, you can forget! Also in such baths can add honey and lemon for a more rapid effect.
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Also, it is worth remembering that after the contact of the hands with water, it is necessary to use hand cream. It will help refresh your skin and make it moist.

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