In the winter time often problems with the nails. They regularly peeling and chipping, and the condition of the cuticle much worse. In the winter our nails need special care. Thanks to several helpful methods you can make them strong and beautiful. Quite a useful tool can be called the lemon juice. Spoon substances must be mixed with a small amount of salt in a small pot. The mixture is then applied to the nails and washed off with warm water after twenty minutes. Thus, the nails will grow faster and will cease to exfoliate. This mask would be appropriate, especially in cases where the girl must be present at the festive celebration.
Как укрепить ногти зимой?2
Before you use the services of a photographer you need to freshen up and nails. He is frequently invited to various events and it is necessary to do to capture important moments in their lives. The greatest demand for this day is a wedding photographerwho can shoot the most happy moments in the lives of young people who have decided to seal their relationship in marriage.
Как укрепить ногти зимой?
Do not forget that your nails need care regularly, not just on occasion. Another good way to strengthen nails winter is red pepper. It is necessary to take the size of half a teaspoon and mix with a small amount of hand cream. After added about ten drops of boiled water. The resulting mixture is heated on a water bath and cooled.
Как укрепить ногти зимой?4
The mask should be applied for twenty minutes, then rinse. It can be used no more than once per month. Two simple way to care for the nails in the winter will help to strengthen them and make them much more beautiful. You should pay yourself a small amount of time and for a long time to stay healthy and well-groomed.

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