The problem of brittle, peeling nails is familiar to many women. Of course, you can go to the salon and to build beautiful nails for a couple of hours. But this is only masking the problem, not the solution.

‘t always have the time and money for a full recovery, nails, another thing diagnostics of the car, which you should definitely do that. map inspection with home delivery saves time, if you do not have time to personally drive up to the inspection of cars. It is absolutely legal, affordable and convenient procedure is the same as a house call manicure.
Укрепление ногтей в домашних условиях2
But you can do on their own using proven, folk remedies to strengthen nails.

1. Salt baths. Very effective and accessible, sea salt with minerals can be bought in any drug store for pennies. A couple of tablespoons should dissolve in warm water, drop handles and a quarter hours to relax. Then rinse hands with clean water and grease nourishing cream, pre-wiping dry.
2. Lemon compress. Ripe lemon need to roll the table to the flesh under the skin gave the juice. Then cut it in half. Each dip the tips of your fingers, so that the nail plate is visible in the flesh. Wait for ten minutes. Acid and vitamins contained in citrus, perfectly strengthens nails – checked.
Укрепление ногтевой пластины3
Nails will recover more quickly if you treat them comprehensively, using not only traditional recipes, but also cosmetic remedies. In pharmacies and stores offer a wide range of a complete line of products for brittle nails. This is a variety of oils with vitamins, gels, protective coatings. By the way, coloured nail Polish also need to choose special – with calcium and vitamin complex. Should reconsider your diet to include more dairy products, cottage cheese, eggs, fresh fruit and oversee. Then the nails will quickly become strong, healthy and beautiful.

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