как растянуть лаковую обувьIt’s not easy to refrain from shopping shoes at an attractive price, even if their favorite lacquer shoes or boots a little bit cramped. But joy about fashion purchase is quickly replaced by pain: walking in tight shoes extremely uncomfortable. How to stretch patent shoes and whether to do it at home?


Captivating Shine

Patent shoes periodically coming into fashion: its glossy finish attracts and captivates the heart. Accessories made of patent leather add charm even modest along. They not only indicate that their owner monitors the fashion and wants to be always in trend, but also emphasize the unique style of his mistress.

Its mirror-Shine lacquer leather bound special treatment. Covering natural leather polymer coating makes the material a brilliant and more rigid and less elastic than normal skin that is not exposed. Therefore, those who accidentally got too close lacquer shoes, you may experience problems with their stretching.

To walk in tight shoes is a real pain. From the close of shoes suffer leg, torn tights and spoils the mood. Even the most fashionable way is unlikely such victims. But that is no reason to throw luxurious shoes – if you want you can make them more free.


The help of professionals

With the road lacquer shoes, it is better not to experiment at home, and to trust her stretching professionals. In any Shoe shop will easily cope with the stretching of shoes or boots with the help of special tools and pads. With the help of modern equipment shoes can be customized “on the leg” in less than half an hour, and this procedure is inexpensive.

In addition, you can use a ready means for stretching shoes, which are sold in specialty stores. Such means are in the form of creams, sprays, lotions whether foam. Regardless of form, are all means the same: they soften the skin and make it more elastic.

It is important to use only tools designed specifically for patent leather, and wet shoes outside (active substances can damage the lacquer layer), and from the inside.

The most effective such funds will be when using special devices, so-called “stretch marks” for shoes. Stretch marks are carved from wood or plastic (more economical and less durable option) pads, the size of which is easily changed. If such devices are to buy failed, then you can do without them, wearing soaked in a special formulations shoes on the toe for a few hours. This procedure will be repeated several times until the desired result is reached.


Homemade ways

Even in times when on sale it was impossible to find a special tool to stretch lacquer shoes, sharp-witted ladies find a way out using home remedies. These proven by generations of women means sometimes less effective than their industrial counterparts. And yet be aware that patent shoes at home is unlikely to increase more than half a size. This footwear would be better to stretch in width than in length.

Any shoes with time rassasivaetsia, and polished shoes are no exception. So before you go out in the new dress in light, should be within a few days to wear it at home. You should try to wear shoes socks, preferably thick – so shoes or boots probably will be stretched.

To further accelerate the process of stretching, you can use the alcohol solution. The alcohol is mixed with water, this water should be twice the alcohol.

You can use half diluted Cologne, but be aware that the smell of perfume shoes can save for a long time. In the extreme case, vodka, whisky, brandy or any other strong alcohol without additives. In the alcohol-containing liquid should wet socks, wear them on your feet, to wear uncomfortable shoes and walk in them, while the socks are dry.

If your legs are damaged, replace the alcohol solution, you can use warm water. Be aware that those with fungal infections of the feet, such a procedure may cause exacerbation of mycosis, so you need to decide in advance whether there are shoes such victims.

You can try to stretch patent shoes with warm air. Come to the aid of a hair dryer: you should choose the highest temperature and treated with a stream of hot air shoes on the inside. Another hot shoes should be worn on legs, liberally greased with fat cream, and walk in them for a couple of hours. Typically, these manipulations must be repeated for several days to shoes became freer.

The last method is the use of fatty cream. You can use any nourishing hand cream oil-based, is also a good choice will become a universal oily creams from chapping of the skin, or even regular vaseline. The cream should be every day twice a day to handle the shoes on the inside, paying particular attention to the heel, toe and rubbing the feet of the details. After that, you need to wear shoes at sock or use a Shoe-stretching.


Dangerous experiments

Lacquered leather – capricious material. On the glossy surface can very easily receive the wear and cracks. Therefore, when the stretching of such footwear is necessary for maximum accuracy. Patent shoes dislikes:

  • Extremely high and extremely low temperatures. You should not bathe polished shoes in boiling water or freeze in the freezer – even if we are able thus to change the size of the shoes, the shoes will likely be hopelessly flawed.
  • Aggressive compounds. The lacquer should not obscure either alcohol or gasoline or products containing silicone. All means for stretching shoes are applied only on the inside.
  • Mechanical impact. In old magazines you can find tips slightly to hit the Shoe with a hammer so that it becomes softer. Lacquer shoes such manipulations are strictly contraindicated.

Maria Bykova

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