You are studying in a University last year, the looming protection of the degree project. But first you need to find a theme to work from his supervisor, who is appointed by the Dean of the faculty of… let’s Say you have passed this phase, the topic written in the notebook. It is time to start to work on it, the benefit of the library has a large number of books, the Internet works fine. But many students often for guys) just forget about the purpose of education, because they have «better things to do» – date with a girl or additional work, the fee for which together with a tiny scholarship allows you to live in our difficult time.
Как успешно защитить дипломную работу: практические советы
It is certainly good, but what do we do then in the end of the course?..
Of course, you can contact our representative and order thesis there. But this has its disadvantages: the project team, not you, therefore, exactly explain its contents will not be able to and the prices in such firms cosmic. If the first «but» fixable (read job a couple of times from cover to cover and all, you know it by heart), then the second – cost – hit on the wallet. After all, this is approximately 6000-10000 rubles! The only plus custom degree project – specialists make it fast, a maximum of 2 weeks.

Some students enter more cautious. Theme of the thesis is recognized at the beginning of last year, then they start to write. The fact that the project needs to sit with books day and night – the myth, that’s spread constantly nothing advanced undergraduates. Just enough to pay his graduation work for a couple of hours in the day, when you feel that can take hold of the handle or open a text editor with serious intentions. Volume is normal according to modern standards, is 50-60 printed sheets. 2 hours you can write 1,5-2 pages. And the time to make an abound.
Then, when finished, re-read the fruit of their work several times. And before it is better to go to relax perceive the text on a fresh mind much easier. After you fix all errors are acting according to the standard scheme: are thesis to the academic Director, the checks, writes a review. Then it passes inspection by a reviewer who also have to Express their opinion about the project. With these three documents – a review of the scientific adviser, conclusion of the reviewer and the diploma work – a student is allowed to protection.
Как успешно защитить дипломную работу: практические советы1азаказать thesis
On the eve of the «critical days» reread your project again, work out to make a speech in front of the mirror. Then, retire to bed early, say, «I did and all that I could and put 100%» (believe helps!).

Before the performance need not to worry and to communicate with those who are nervous. During protection and speak and be confident that the Commission saw that you know the topic. Certainly, questions of the teachers will be able to answer correctly, because repeated material on the eve. Good luck!

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