Как пережить разрыв отношенийAs I want to believe that the first relationship that we have, once and for all. Unfortunately, in reality this happens infrequently, and many girls before they finally meet their soul mate, has to repeatedly encounter and suffer disappointments.

Rupture of relations with loved ones, especially if it happens on his initiative is one of the most painful psychological trauma, the effects of which can persist for a very long time, causing problems with self-esteem and preventing further build communication with the opposite sex.

Of course, to completely heal all the emotional trauma, in any case, it will take time. How many you’ll need – it is unlikely anyone will be able to accurately predict. But you can speed up this process if you will follow some simple tips.

First of all, add in your lifestyle movement. For example, you can ride a bike or roller, to purchase a subscription to a fitness club or just do exercises at home. It is proved that any physical activity and physical stress causes in the body a surge of endorphins – the so-called hormones of happiness. In turn, endorphins have the ability to relieve pain, including emotional, calm the nervous system and help to feel positive emotions. Besides sporty girls really like guys.Как пережить расставание

The second important tip – do not be discouraged! It is clear that it is hard for you, you regret that you might have done something wrong. However, in no case do not blame only himself for what happened, do not engage in soul-searching.

Suck it up and accept what happened, convince yourself that you can handle. And this is easiest to do with laughter, for example, watching a funny Comedy, remembering the funny moments from my own past. More remember events from his life.

But it should only be those events that are not associated with the person who left you. Throw away (or at least just get as far as you can until you can’t look at them without emotion) old photos, gifts, delete from phone and computer love messages, temporarily do not go to those places where you once loved to walk together.

Another important factor contributing to the rapid recovery after a failed romance – support for family and friends. Even if you want to be alone, don’t push them: tell us about what oppresses you, and they will support you and console.

But the easiest way to get rid of old love – find a new one, so good luck in her search!

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