From this article you will learn how to pamper yourself, giving yourself an hour of bliss.

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Turn on the music.

Start the bath water is moderately warm temperatures. As you take a bath, you will increase the temperature, so that the initial temperature should be comfortable enough.

Add bubble bath, salt, etc.

When the bath is filled by a quarter, fold their sexy clothes and boldly go into the tub. Lying in the tub, easy, massaging the skin hard sponge. Increase the temperature almost as long until you become uncomfortable. Bliss in the feeling of heat. Let it lasts a while bath is filled completely.

When the tub filled, focus all their energy to exfoliate the skin on every part of his body. Take the time. Treat your body wash responsibly.

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Remember, you’re not in a hurry. Your goal is not only clean, you need to treat each part of the body as a whole. Exfoliates your skin, massage yourself, take care of each tense muscle group, legs, inner thighs, etc.. don’t forget about the feet, after taking the bath, they should be reasonably smooth and soft, like in infants.

If necessary, make the water hot.

RUB in their legs and armpits cocktail from the air conditioner and shower gel, shave their machine. Steamed skin lets girls shave much better than fast shaving with the razor. Air conditioning softens the hair and shaving gel provides slip. Run your hand across the smooth shaven skin, searching and deleting roughnesses.

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While taking a bath it is possible to arrange and shower sharko, true to provide in home conditions the strong pressure will not work. However, 15 minutes massaging water jet will bring better blood circulation and massage of internal organs, which is very useful for the organism.

Wash your face, wash and rinse with air conditioning your hair and reward yourself. When you have had enough clean and awarded themselves to the full, leave vannoi skin, blotting her towel. Apply a moisturizing body cream, deodorant and perfume. Apply perfume between the chest and on the back of its neck. Apply toning, moisturizing face cream, or use a mask.

Как правильно принимать ванну

Wrap your fantastically beautiful, well-smelling body in a robe and join one of their favorite activities. After the procedure, if desired, can read an interesting magazine for women or a book.


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