Как нужно фотографировать детейAll parents who photographed their children may say that this activity is both simple and difficult. Simple, because there is nothing better to photograph children’s spontaneity and lack of affectedness.

And difficult, because the children are restless by nature, their mood can change rapidly, and you need time to catch to impress a certain proportion of the time.

However, the technique of children’s shooting can learn to everyone. Well, the parents are required to master this art to please yourself and your relatives quality photographs of his beloved «kinder».

First of all, for shooting need to choose a good place. If the background will be viewed неглаженное linen, неубранная bed etc. is hardly the photos will be eligible for the «cover». Better if the background of the photos will be neutral. In the frame nothing should distract attention from the main character. It is also important to prepare and appearance of the child: he should be groomed and beautifully dressed.

It is not desirable in home photographing use the flash – light from it can completely destroy the invoice volume of the skin, overexposure nose or forehead, lead to the emergence of «red-eye»and generally, turn-shot in the household and uninteresting.

To take better pictures in the sunlight of the room. But even if the outside overcast weather, near the window space is delightful to photograph the light. You can simply offer child play near a window sill.

How to photograph children on the street

Undoubtedly, in the open air space may be the most unforgettable images. You need to choose the places, where the child will be fun, where you can photograph it, using a casual game environment. Wonderful pictures can be in the Park or zoo, where the child feels comfortable and relaxed.

If there is a time for filming, it is better to prefer the morning or the evening period, when the sun’s not so bright. When too Sunny day it is better to use flash. Very beautiful frames are made under the canopy of the trees and on the face of the child, and on slips of plays and plays with soft light.

Wherever held photography, it is important not to force children to pose for a few minutes in a row with a frozen face to look through the lens. Baby pictures must be natural and unconstrained, which are the children themselves.

By the way, for good photos should buy modern digital camera prices which now are more than affordable. We wish to take beautiful photos.

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