Most of all in winter suffers the skin on the hands, as it most frequently exposed to low temperatures and wind. As a result, it is possible to obtain a dry and even chapped hands that looks messy even with the most modern manicure. That is why in winter the skin on the hands should be paid the same and sometimes more attention than other parts of the body.

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Как ухаживать за руками зимой
There are many ways for hand care in winter, both professionally and folk, homemade. Here are some of them:
In winter it is necessary to use a nourishing cream for hands. It can be found in any cosmetics store. Preference should be given to the creams with a content of beeswax, and olive oil. Such ingredients are sufficiently able to provide nutrition for the skin. If possible, it is necessary to abandon hydrating cream before going outside. It can only be applied at night to prevent dryness.

Mandatory when going out on the street to wear gloves which protect the hands from wind and frost, which in turn cause problems with the skin in winter;
In winter you can use traditional ways to moisturize and nourish the skin on your hands. This will help mask and baths home cooking, the main ingredients that can be the honey, oil, sour cream, and the like. For example, in order to make the skin soft and protected from harmful factors, you can make a mask of honey and olive oil, for which these products are recommended to be mixed in equal proportions, apply liberally to hands and wear gloves. This mask can be left on hands for the whole night if you are not allergic to honey.
Как ухаживать за руками зимой3
Also in winter you should pay attention to the nails. It is recommended to cover their special hardening varnish, and also consume food that well affect the appearance of the nails. These include meat, cheese, fish and so on.

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