Only constant care will allow your nails to look beautiful. Many people think that to do a manicure for it is enough, but no, the nails need as much attention as for example the face. What needs to be done so that the nails have an attractive clean?
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Most importantly it cares for your nails. Almost every day our hands carry different adverse weather conditions, too much dry air, damp, wind, so don’t forget to protect hands from exposure to the external environment. Winter or late fall you should wear gloves in the summer, before you leave the house, apply on the skin moisturizer this will help to protect them from dryness.
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Making cleaning the house use gloves household as detergents, namely their constituent chemical substances that adversely affect nails and hands. Nails can start to exfoliate and break, so get used to work with bare hands and overcome some inconveniences associated with this in the beginning.

Proper and healthy diet is the key to not only good health and proper body function, but in particular the beautiful nails and skin of hands. Eliminate from your diet harmful fatty foods, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits (here you should pay special attention to citrus fruits because they contain vitamin C), dairy products. You can also take vitamins, especially with the presence of calcium and also vitamins E and A. But do not expect that the effect will be visible immediately, need to wait for some time.

Do a manicure properly if it is done efficiently, any nails, short or long, will look beautiful and well-groomed.
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To buy varnish treat with mind, remember that paint nails a dark color for a long time forbidden, nails from it can be dark or yellow. Avoid using cheap paints, better spend the money on a good quality paint. Periodically, remove any nail Polish, do not keep constantly in their painted state, it can also harm them. To remove use tools that do not contain the acetone because it has a negative impact on the health and appearance of your nails.

And remember that only comprehensive care and compliance with all rules will make your nails look beautiful and well-groomed.

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