как завязать платок на шееTie a scarf on her neck is a true art, which is a good idea to master every woman. Not everyone knows how to tie a scarf on his neck, but it can help you to transform your style, making it a feminine or relaxed. To vary the images, you can buy several scarves of different sizes, colours, from different tissues, then you will see an amazing range of styles that brings you closer to fine lady or fashion rebel, which is able to emphasize their individuality.

For decoration of the neck is better to choose or beautiful silk or chiffon scarf medium in size to about fifty-fifty centimeters that tips are not descended well below the neckline. Summer will come, light fabrics and frivolous color for fall and winter you can stay on the accessories noble colors. Solid dark shawls with strict or subtle prints suitable for office. Cage, floral pattern, ethnic prints – the choice of young girls for summer and everyday wear.


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For this style will suit both small and average size of a handkerchief. Fold diagonally, further twist in the tape, hiding area. “Put your arms round the neck with front side, will perekrestila handkerchief back, then pull the ends ahead and tie in a knot on the side.

If shawl made of thick fabric, wind it more freely, if it is too thin, you can tie it tightly. In the first case, such a scarf can be worn together with tight clothing for women with thin graceful neck. Bright big kerchief tied to the side so creates a subtle sound of retro style, typical of the fifties.


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For this method, you will need a handkerchief large about seventy-eighty centimeters on one side. Fold diagonally, put the area, take a narrow band. Set up by the neck, perekrestila, then release the tips ahead and tie a knot at chest level. The tips can go even lower. This method of povezivanja scarf on her neck is a minimalist decoration of clothes with tightly closed throat. Its easy to wear a turtleneck or simply jumper, they also easily decorate the white shirt, transforming laconic style of office. If the dress code allows or you dress up to the exit, between the node and the neck you can put a necklace or pendant.


The triangle on all occasions

One of the easiest ways and one of the most popular among young people – handkerchief, in the form of a triangle, covering the chest area. Take the handkerchief, put it on a diagonal, get tips for your neck will perekrestila and drain out. If the little handkerchief, you can tie the knot, hiding it under the triangle on the neck, if large, the tips can be let out, putting on the chest. The second option is suitable for creating a more relaxed style.

Wear this scarf is possible with almost anything. In summer, it can put on a t-shirt or t-shirt, choosing light fabric, combining with short jeans, boots Doc Martens, boots cowboy style. Dense silk handkerchief and accessory with the addition of wool is a great way to close the throat in a cold season in a jacket or coat with a V-shaped type of neckline. Restrained colors of the shawl allows to decorate them with office business suit – it can be worn on a shirt and a t-shirt or turtleneck.


In business style

This method is used for decoration of simple sets, and a handkerchief can be very bright – it will not allow him to break the harmony laconic image of a real professional. Take a small silk scarf juicy colors (red, blue, green) and add it to smooth a tape. Set up by the neck from the front, gently perekrestila, trying not to crumple it, release forward, then gently fix, but rather gravely, and folding. You should have a stylish elegant tie, even rectangle extending from the neck. Tips hide under a shirt or jacket.


With a ring or a brooch

To adorn the neck with a scarf can be using an optional accessory – ring or a brooch that not just fix the cloth into its place, but also add flavor style.

Rent silk or woolen shawl is medium in size with bright print. Fold diagonally, put on the shoulders traditionally area in the back, the tips of the fold on the chest. Fix the tips of decorative brooch pin or in the middle. You can also take the ring, and skip through it both the tip, letting the fabric in the form of a bow.

This scarf is decorated any turtleneck sweater, t-shirt or jumper smooth design.

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