как подтянуть кожу на рукахOn hand daily have a huge load, but their poor skin, fatty tissue and more dry than the facial skin. This means that the hands age faster, and age on them appears much stronger than on the face and body. Sagging, wrinkles, excessive dryness and hyperpigmentation familiar to most women, passed a certain age limit. How to tighten the skin on the hands and is it possible to return them to the youth?

Once on the skin the first signs of aging, it becomes clear that prophylaxis would be easier and cheaper. Delay the aging of skin is to protect it from direct sunlight, to abandon the Solarium, daily to moisturize the skin brush in the morning and evening, twice a week pampering her masks and serums. So, you can permanently keep the skin beautiful and young, but if signs of aging are already there, to go and do it as soon as possible, using the most innovative cosmetic solutions.


Creams and serums cosmetics lifting

To tighten the skin at home is the easiest way a good cosmetics that contain highly concentrated dose of anti-aging ingredients, eliminating dryness and sagging. Preferred, of course, professional salon or drugstore funds.

Several tools for tightening the skin:

  • HSR lifting extra firming hand cream (Babor)
  • Hands Up! Cream Rich (Alessandro International)
  • Anti-Aging Caviar Hand Cream (Micro Cell)
  • Suractif Comfort Lift Advanced Hand Cream (Lancaster)
  • Ultra Rich Lift-Up Hand Cream (P2)
  • Age Correct Hand Lift Firming Serum (Sally Hansen)
  • Re-Nutriv Intensive Lifting HAND Creme (Estée Lauder)


Chemical peels

как подтянуть кожу на рукахAcid peels are not only used for tightening and facial rejuvenation, but also for the skin. The concentration and nature of the active substances are selected based on skin type and the severity of age-related changes. It can be as superficial peels AHA acids, and median, deeper, suitable for Mature women and strongly wrinkled hands.

Pull hands frequently used glycolic peels, which eliminates wrinkles, looking at the skin, lightens dark spots, and median peeling, which is necessary for stronger lifting effect. Peeling for tightening the skin the necessary course of 3 to 8 treatments with a two-week interval. To plan the procedure better on the inactive period of the sun.


Rejuvenation with fillers

As well as skin tightening face lifting hands possible with the help of fillers. The scheme is the same: in the tissue of the hand entered the injection of the selected filler, which fills the space a, in addition, stimulates the surrounding tissue to update. For contouring hand tools based on hyaluronic acid, which stimulates fibroblasts to update the collagen-elastin frame, holding moisture in the skin, thereby smoothing the surface and not allowing to dry up.

During the procedure done no more than three or four shots at the outer side of the palm. After injection of the filler, the skin is renewed, the effect lasts from nine to eighteen months, after which the procedure can be repeated.


Hardware cosmetology

как подтянуть кожу на рукахDifferent methods of hardware cosmetology successfully solve the problem of aging not only individuals, but also hands. So for tightening the skin on the hands is applied laser facelift, photorejuvenation, IPL rejuvenation, the method Fotoloft (combining laser and resurfacing).

All these modern techniques combines non-surgical intervention, gentle, but effective, also, it is usually combined. That is, any of these procedures solves several problems inherent in Mature skin – wrinkles, sagging, dryness, loss of elasticity, and hyperpigmentation. What better way to address the question of the individual, it all depends on the budget and, indications and contraindications.

A positive result IPL-lifting may be noticeable after the first treatment, whereas the effect of laser facelift is less pronounced and requires more procedures. The effect of a combined method Fotoloft even more delayed and may take several months.

Laser lifting is not recommended for dark and tanned skin, as it can lighten, whereas IPL-treatment helps to rejuvenate the skin without restrictions relating to pigmentation.

Contraindications to the procedures hardware suspenders usually are similar. It’s cancer, the presence of pacemakers, pregnancy and lactation, fungal infections, open wounds at the place on the skin of hands, disorders, mental illness, serious immune system disorders, thyroid disease, diabetes, blood clotting disorders, high blood pressure. Given the range of contraindications, which are often peculiar to a Mature age, arm lift hardware techniques may be undesirable, and then it is necessary to turn to more gentle ways of lifting.

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