как превратить свой повседневный образ в вечернийTo transform your casual image in a way suitable for parties not so difficult, just use simple tricks. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about the party – it’s lipstick and hairstyle. But the main term in this situation – the accessories, which in one moment can turn your neutral style in the evening. Therefore, shoes, handbag, belt play this role.


Change shoes

There is nothing easier to transform your style in evening. If you, like most women prefer shoes with flat soles, do not forget to change them on a pair of high heels, which will instantly give your image of femininity and sexuality. Open shoes, sandals with laces, boots or shoes wedges – quite a range: you should only choose the model that best complement your look. Even with jeans, skinny pants shoes with heels can be enough to change my daily way of the evening.


Small handbag

Don’t forget a small purse, this is the second item that will easily allow you to transform your style in the evening. Pick a handbag in accordance with your height: avoid too little models, if you are quite tall, and Vice versa. In addition, the purse must be with strap.


Remove the tights

You never noticed that bare feet give the gait of sexuality? Many women never go a day without tights, because I’m afraid to flaunt the skin. If your working style consists of elegant dresses, do not be afraid to experiment, remove the tights, before going to the party. Maybe this little detail and make any adjustments in your daily way.


Give direct patterns dress

This trick is designed for women who prefer elegant straight dress in accordance with the office dress code. Make your dress match evening style, try to pick up the thin belt, so you will highlight your waist and add femininity to the image. But if you make an easy slouchy dresses at the waist, a few inches you will discover the legs, giving the image of sexuality.


Stop your choice on the skirt

If you can afford to change some part of the outfit, better give up trousers in favour of skirts. What would you have not added, whether it be classic t-shirt, top or blouse, skirt will add femininity to your outfit. In special cases where you want to be sexier than usual, select a pencil skirt: model-fitting leather, a simple white shirt and a pair of flat shoes.


Draw attention to your neckline

At the party, a woman wants to look feminine and charming. Changing your top or t-shirt on more open top with sweetheart neckline, your everyday way in the blink of an eye to turn into evening. However, there is no need to pick an outfit too geeky neckline, it helps to open the neck.

Now, do you understand that it is not necessary to completely change your outfit to immediately after working day to go to the party. Quite small details, any one accessory, and your suits festive atmosphere.

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