как пользоваться яркой губной помадойThe creation of an image like the models on the catwalk, but in real life can be extremely difficult. The spreading and rolling lipstick colour has always been a problem. Professional make-up artists to share their experience on how to use bright lipstick and look fabulous in all day.


Get rid of your lips

Before something put on the lips (whatever it is), clean the skin of the lips and moisten her. The skin on the lips need of care, especially if you use bright colors of lipstick and want to prevent dryness of the lips.


Choose the best shade

The secret of perfect full lips lies in choosing the right shade of lipstick. According to experts, most of berry and intensive colours have the cool shade, so they are ideal neutral and cold skin. People with warmer skin tones is recommended to choose a color with a yellow pigment.


Use a lip pencil

Colorless pencil will keep the colors inside lip lines and prevent the spread of lipstick in small wrinkles around them. Pencil will also fill in wrinkles.

“To extend the life” inflicted on the lips, lipstick, use a lip pencil of the same colour as the lipstick to paint lips, then apply the lipstick blot and apply another layer of lipstick. You can even apply a translucent powder on the lips before using a pencil.


First steps

If you like the bold colors of lipstick, but you are not sure whether you are ready to make a decisive step, select the marker or lip balm instead of lipstick. This is a great option to get a more natural color of the lips (as if you just ate a bowl of berries).

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