как пользоваться тенями для бровейShadow for brows – the product is fairly new, replacing the traditional pencils. But how to use the shadows for brows to get the perfect result? The make-up has its secrets select and use the tool. Observance of simple rules guarantees a perfect result: the eyebrows will look magnificent, and the view will gain expressiveness.


What should be the shadow for the eyebrows

как использовать тени для бровейIf you wish to color the eyebrows you can use a traditional pencil and not a less traditional eye shadow. And yet this new idea, as a special shadow for brows, every day becomes more and more popular.

The composition of these shadows are not very different from ordinary: they are only more resistant moisturizing and do not contain additives. So, in a pinch, you can replace them as normal shadows – compact or in the form of powder.

However, ready-made palettes with shadows for brows is usually more convenient to use than eyeshadow. Such kits usually contain several shades of brown and gray shades for tinting eyebrows, and wax to strengthen the result. Also in the kits include brushes that are easy to apply shadows. As a bonus, many manufacturers offer tweezers and stencils for eyebrows, facilitating application of eyeshadow.

Often in sets of shadows for brows and shadows are very light shades. These shadows are designed to highlight the area under the eyebrow – they make the eyes look more open and attractive. Of course, for this purpose you can use any shadows, but the shadows in naborchik usually perfectly match each other.


The choice of color and texture

оттенок теней для бровейChoose a shade of eyeshadow for eyebrows is not as easy as it may seem. Many blonde eyebrow tint jet-black pencils, but it looks very unnatural and unattractive. Slightly better look black eyebrows and red hair. Generally, intense black shades is better not to use bright brunettes: it is better to prefer dark chocolate or dark gray-brown tones.

At the same time you should not choose for eyebrows and shades too light: it gives the face a tired and sickly, deprives the look of radiance and attractiveness. The best option – if the eyebrows a little, just a little darker hair. And only natural brunettes should choose shades slightly lighter than your natural eyebrow.

нанесение теней на бровиShades of eye shadows with reddish, terracotta or bright Golden hue may appear on the skin frankly unnatural. Eyebrows often give the patient’s face type, eyes and eyebrows are starting to look swollen and inflamed. It is better to prefer cooler brown tones with a grayish tinge, especially if the skin and hair have cool shade.

As for texture shadows, it must be matte. Shiny eyebrows look ridiculous and give the girl a resemblance to a Christmas tree. Day excess Shine at all inappropriate, but for the evening it is better to choose special gels for eyebrows with a delicate shimmer. Such gels can be applied over eye shadow.


The color of the eyebrows step by step

красить брови тенямиPaint the eyebrow shadows is very simple, the whole process at a certain skill takes no more than a couple minutes. Paint the eyebrows begin once applied on the face moisturizer and Foundation.

First, the eyebrows need to comb and to give them the correct form if necessary. After that you can apply on eyebrow shadow in small portions, shading pigment in the direction of hair growth. Thus, the paint stays on the hairs and the skin between them.

The final stage – consolidation of results. In sets for the care of the eyebrows is usually a special wax, fixing the shape of the eyebrows and gives the hair a natural healthy Shine. You can also use the gel for eyebrows.


Beauty tips eyebrows

накрашенные бровиTo painted eyebrows looked natural, shadow should be applied in small portions, while not neglecting the shading. It is important to ensure that the dye was evenly formed on the hairs and the skin between them.

To make the eyebrow persistent, it is desirable to combine the shadow and eyebrow pencil. Particularly recommended this technique, if the eyebrows are rare. First missing hairs drawn pencil – thin and short strokes. Then applied on eyebrow shadow, and pencil shading to blend. The final step is to wax or gel for eyebrows.

Eyebrows look more expressive, if they apply some light shadows. First spread the light tone, and you can then proceed to the selection of the eyebrow.

тени для окрашивания бровейWith the help of cosmetic products for eyebrows, you can hide some defects of appearance. For example, close-set eyes will look better if we focus on the tips of the eyebrows and the part closer to the nose to cause a minimum of paint. You can use two tones of shadows: more light was applied at the beginning of the eyebrow, and darker at the end. Of course, clear boundaries between colors should be shades should move seamlessly from one to another, make the eyebrow look natural.

If the eyes are far apart, you can try to do the opposite: harder to paint over the eyebrows at the beginning and at the tip, apply only a small amount of shadow. And Flirty curve can be emphasized if in place of a bend to cause a bit more dark shadows than on the edges of the eyebrows. Of course, in this case, the shades needs to flow into each other very smoothly.

The shape of the eyebrows can drastically change a person. Today is the most fashionable straight eyebrows, but makeup artists recommend to focus not primarily on fashion, but on the individual features of appearance. If the eyebrows are curved by nature, it is not necessary to deprive them of the natural curve. On the contrary, underline it gives the image of “flavor”.

It is best to use for coloring short eyebrows narrow brush with a beveled or straight edge. It is advisable to choose a hard brush. Applicators and sponges are suitable for touchups during the day.

Dmitry Anokhin

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