Reduce the nose. To reduce the nose should not immediately resort to rhinoplasty. There are many ways to create a visual effect of perfect nose. To help the girls is makeup, hair, eyebrows, correcting with makeup the nose. Maybe the nose is great, but just all wrong chosen?

Eyebrow shaping. Eyebrows should be raised up and bent in a classic style. The main requirement to them – to be fairly thick. Absolutely impossible to pluck them into a thin thread.

The emphasis on the cheekbones and chin. If the problem is that the nose is too wide, it is necessary to emphasize cheekbones and chin. It gives the face expression and the nose is not so attract attention. To highlight the cheekbones will help hairstyle and blush, chin discover the right hairstyle, choose clothes with V neckline.

Makeup. It is no secret that using makeup can change a person beyond recognition. And the nose is no exception, it also lends itself perfectly to disguise. This requires a highlighter, concealer, pressed powder and shadows. By creating light and dark areas on the face to simulate facial features. Of course, the size, shape and location of the zones of correction selected individually for each woman, but the rule applies one – light tint makes it bigger and reduces dark. In the case when the nose is long but thin and feminine, then apply a dark tone on the lateral portions of the nose will be too. Should lighten the nose to visually bring it closer and slightly darken the bottom part, but not the tip. But the nose seems shorter! By the way, not necessarily to correct the nose. For example, if the gap between the nose and lips are small, it is necessary to work with this area to the nose visibly lifted and dropped. Eye makeup – is generally a panacea for all the problems that I see women on my face. Correct the underlined eyes seem bigger and the background, respectively, the nose does not look so great. The shadows cast around eyes – the best assistant in the modeling of the face.

Hair. You should not choose an ugly hairstyle. Will look best style medium length hair, easy curls. As for the bangs, then it is more complicated. Theoretically, the freer a person is, the less emphasis on a single negative. But the bangs should emphasize the face. Therefore, if a woman has a large nose, full lips, and expressive chin, long thick bangs it will not spoil, and will balance the facial features. In other cases, it is better to choose asymmetrical, light bangs.

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