как постирать кашемировое пальтоWashing things from cashmere requires caution, because this material does not tolerate aggressive. If there is a possibility, especially if the coat of expensive 100% cashmere, it is better to give it to the dry cleaners, where it will remove all stains and transform the overall look, without damaging the fabric. If the stains are not critical, the washing may be done at home. How to wash cashmere coat, so that it served as long as possible and did not lose a decent view?


Safe method of washing: hand work as the best option

как постирать кашемировое пальтоWhen any form of pollution for cashmere preferred dry cleaning or partial wet cleaning, which resulted in the direct impact of detergents is subjected to only a small volume of tissue. If you need to wash just a coat, you better let it be manual. However, the canons of care for cashmere products, but they can be adjusted depending on many factors.

First, the coat can have a 100% cashmere, and include another coat, which prolongs the life of the product and together with the range of possibilities in his care. Secondly, cashmere things become accessible to many, and know that the manufacturers of household chemicals, which are increasingly produced shampoos, powders, balms and other washing detergents and softeners that allows you to care for cashmere. Cashmere coat can be washed in a washing machine using Laundry only adapted for delicate fabrics, and even better – especially for cashmere.


Wash cashmere things: purity with tenderness

Choose one of the following tools to wash cashmere coat:

  • washing powder Stork Cashmere, elixir for wool and delicate fabrics;
  • gel Dreft for delicate wash, Wool;
  • washing powder Weasel Magic balm extract cashmere;
  • washing powder Particles are blended with cashmere for gentle washing of wool and wool blend fabrics;
  • liquid detergent Spiro Wool for wool and silk lanolin;
  • powder and gel for wool and silk LUXUS;
  • washing powder Uniplus, Wool and Silk for silk and wool;
  • washing powder Luvil Bio, Wool and silk;
  • washing powder concentrate for wool and silk Kraft Zwerg.


Hand wash cashmere coat

как постирать кашемировое пальтоHand wash any articles of cashmere is preferred, because you can control the situation: the water temperature, mechanical stresses on the fabric.

The water temperature for the wash coat must be no higher than thirty degrees. For hand washing, you can use the shampoo for delicate fabrics or washing powder. First pour in a bowl of water, then dissolve in it cleanser to foaming and then lower coat. Wash as usual coat things impossible, if there are stains, gently wipe them with a sponge promiscuously movements.

After washing the coat very carefully rinse with running water at least five times, so that the water did not give a foam. Twist cashmere cannot but be careful pressing, spilling water from the tissue.

Drying cashmere coat in no event it is impossible in a vertical position, otherwise the coat will retract under the weight of water. Prepare a large towel and place the coat on it, carefully straightening all the folds. Drying coat of cashmere should occur under natural conditions. Despite the fact that the fabric will be dry for a long time, you cannot speed up the process of Ironing, blow drying, do not leave it in the room with the Windows open in the draft.


Machine washable

If the coat is not entirely of cashmere, and contains a significant percentage of synthetic fabric, you can wash it in the washing machine. Before this, it is useful to make sure that it can be done – check the recommendation on care label product. If machine washing is not contraindicated, choose only mode, delicate wash, water temperature not above 30 degrees and the drying mode is not above eight hundred, and preferably six turnovers.

To the maximum to protect cashmere from damage during machine washing, it is recommended to place it in the drum does not face, and gently turning him inside out.

Drying the coat should happen exactly the same way as after hand washing. Only that in this case it is much more convenient – it will dry faster because of the pre-drying in the dryer.

If you have a coat made from 100% cashmere, it is not necessary to wash yourself in the washing machine. If you put a stubborn stain (coffee, juice, red wine) on an expensive coat made of pure cashmere, play it safe and don’t waste your time take it to the dry cleaner. You should not try to be washed off and wash out the stain yourself. Rushing can cost you a beautiful quality items that will become worthless.

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