как носить арафатку на головеTraditional Arab men’s scarf known as arafatka, in recent times it has become an elegant accessory that is popular among boys and girls. Most importantly, know how to carry arafatki on the head and tie it correctly.


Fashion arafatki

Before arafatka was in black and white and kept on the head by a ring-rendeli. Since 2000, the year arafatka acquired European and American style and become a fashionable article of clothing, especially popular among young people.

Arafatka long been known in the Arab world. The name she received on behalf of the Arab leader Yasser Arafat. Initially, this headdress was made of wool and cotton, which dries quickly.

In the conditions of hot desert climate, it is very convenient and practical. Arafatka protects from the sun, closes his eyes and mouth from dust and sand storms. Arafatka is not only banal headgear, it’s actually a universal thing that can be useful in different emergency situations. From an ordinary scarf, it can turn into a mask, a rope or a bandage.


So different arafatki

Arafatka woven from pure cotton or mixture of cotton and wool fibers. The combination of cotton and wool fibers not only protects from the scorching sun, but also freezing. Arafatki classic colors – black or red squares on a white background. Black-and-white shawls are mainly spread in Palestine, red, white, and in Jordan and Somalia, where arafatka are also embellished with tassels. In the Gulf countries are particularly popular pure white arafatki, a figure which represents a special lining.

Design arafatki not limited to the traditional colors. They can be of different types and colors: black and yellow, black and red, black and purple, white and yellow, white and red, white and purple. Emo arafatki prefer black-and-white or pink-crimson flowers.

Classic, elegant and original arafatka can complement almost any outfit. A wide range of shawls in the style of arafatki give everyone the opportunity to choose the best option: traditional, khaki, plaid, or stripes with floral prints or Safari. Mostly popular combination of white and black, green, red, gray and green, purple, and so on. Very interesting look arafatki colored with metallic thread.

Due to the variety of colors and styles arafatki can be used as a bright accessory to representatives of different subcultures and fans creative and relaxed style. Arafatki to the liking of not only the representatives of the emo, but also cool bikers who prefer to wear classic black and white arafatki in combination with a leather vest and leather jacket over the top. Girls often use arafatki not only as a scarf or shawl, but also as a waistband for a skirt or trousers, elegant bow-tie or handles on the bags. Arafatki fit perfectly in military style and casual style. Ethnic shawl looks best with jeans, t-shirt, top, pullover, vest, short jacket. Arafatki can be worn all year round, whether hot or cold.


Ways socks

There are several ways of wearing arafatki on the head.

First of all, it can be spun in a Berber turban. Arafatki fold diagonally to make a large triangle. Throw arafatki on the head. The ends should lie on the shoulders ahead. Take the right end and screw it into the harness. Then this harness will Obratite neck and forehead and secure behind the head. Repeat the same steps with the second end. Correct turban on his head. The tips arafatki can be hidden completely or leave on the shoulders.

The following method – mask. This method is practiced in almost all Arab countries. Arafatka allows you to protect your face and eyes from the sun, sand and wind. Arafatki fold diagonally to make a large triangle. Throw arafatki on the head, like a normal scarf. The left end should be slightly lower than the right. Further, the right end slightly to tighten the harness and pull to the left under the chin. The remaining left end of the face, close and lock the two ends of the rear hub. You can tie arafatki, hiding nose and mouth, or leaving the face open.

To tie arafatki with a special ring rendeli, arafatki, fold diagonally to make a large triangle. Fling it on the head. From top to wear the ring. Tips arafatki slightly twisted in the back and one end get ahead.

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