как правильно носить изделия из кашемираCashmere clothes are the favorites of the winter fashion. Today, cashmere indispensable for man’s wardrobe. Cashmere is one of the most noble, and at the same time, short-lived materials in the fashion world, and therefore it requires special care. How to wear articles of cashmere?



Cashmere sweater remains the first, and definitely the right purchase. Lightweight, soft and pleasant to wear, it can be the subject of a classic style and perfectly be combined with the pants from a suit and shoes. Add a trench coat and silk scarf – ordinary classics.

Cashmere sweater can also be used when creating extravagant style. For example, a gray sweater with floral print, canvas trousers, suede shoes or high leather boots. To give the image of lightness, wear under a sweater t-shirt 100% cotton with long or short sleeves. Casual style will complement a leather jacket or short coat-coat.



One of the most common accessories in a man’s wardrobe remains cashmere scarf. It represents a good alternative to traditional wool scarf or a light scarf made of cotton. Plain or with motives, it gives you the ease and elegance, but also retains heat. Cashmere scarf is ideal for the classic style and the style of the dandy.

If you prefer simple and relaxed style, you can experiment with scarf: two-tone model, with patterns or shawl (currently exists and this form of male enhancement).



Very rare and expensive item in a man’s wardrobe can be called cashmere coat. Better to stay on the coat of cashmere with the addition of wool. These two natural material perfectly retain heat. You can choose a coat with a collar or short coats with a turndown collar. With coat mixes classic shirt, a cashmere sweater with a collar or cardigan with shawl collar.

As for color, it is better suited pastel colors: blue, green. You can pick up simple jeans dark or light color on mood. Of shoes under his coat more suited black boots.

Don’t forget that cashmere – loose fiber, washable cashmere items recommended by hand in warm water.

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