как носить яркую обувьBright colored shoes, certainly, at least once attracted your attention. But most likely, you doubted whether to buy it because of the combinations of service, the appropriate kind of footwear at first glance relatively small. But actually it is not so. There are a variety of interesting combinations that can be created with bright shoes, including colors such as red, orange, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple and all the rest. Turn all your attention and follow the advice about the style how to wear bright shoes.


The basic principles of matching bright shoes with clothes

The basic rule on how to wear bright shoes that you really need to remember: the best method of selection and combination of bright shoes with clothes is more monochrome within the same shade of clothing with which you create combinations. Of course, you can leave some space for other color accents in order to avoid boring monotonous images. Bright, multi-colored footwear may also be the key elements for an ensemble of neutral colors.

For example, bright shoes can act as a contrasting accent for white, beige, dark blue, grey, black or brown background. If you picked up all the parts of the ensemble in any of these colors, then you have a wide choice for the shade of the Shoe. In addition, if you wore a coat of many colors, you can choose shoes in accordance with one of these colors, and absolutely no need to pick up exactly the same tone.

Another important thing you should remember – the more vivid and unusual your outfit, the more restrained should be your shoes. This also applies to the opposite cases, when bright shoes can be a really great way to attract attention to them. This applies to both style and color. So, if you are not sure about the color combinations, you can always turn to the classics, as in the case of black and red, in which case you can have beautiful accents on the red heels in combination with a black dress. You can also give spice to the appearance with classic red lipstick and the corresponding color of the nails.

Another cool option that you can try, is to choose the pearl color shoes brown dress and a pearl bracelet, so the bracelet will “support” shoes. This small detail is not required to obtain a dominant role in combination, it should be just a small ensemble accompaniment. Instead of a bracelet, you can use the handkerchief, the scarf, the other jewellery or any other accessory.

Abstract colorful solutions also have a place to be among design options bright shoes. It is clear that they require a bit more attention and delicacy, but still, the most important thing that you should keep in mind is that you should not violate the “rule of three flowers gathering them as keys for the whole combination. However, many stylists, it seems, is beyond the scope of this rule, simply keeping the correspondence principle of cold and warm shades.

To take into account the situation for which you are going to choose colorful shoes, it is also important, as each event requires a special approach and special set of features, between which you can choose. For example, you can’t wear leopard print shoes to work in the office, and options with extravagant design, for example, with feathers, not suitable for everyday images. However, if you manage to correctly use these parts of the outfit, you will be able to come up with really interesting images.

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