как носить одежду в стиле 1970-хRecently in new York hosted an exhibition of fashion in the 70 years that promises to be worthy of attention. This was particularly useful, because this era saw a resurgence on the catwalks of spring / summer 2015. Among the fashionistas there are many fans of this “decade without rules”. How to wear clothes in the style of the 1970’s and not look like a clown?

The main feature of fashion in the 1970-ies is the liberation that many women felt in the choice of garments. They didn’t try to adjust your wardrobe under the template, but rather created his own. If the girls wanted to wear mini skirts during the day and flared trousers in the evening, they did.

Today, given the overarching stylistic freedom personal taste, the designers decided to get inspiration from this era for their collections spring-summer 2015. On the catwalks from Gucci to Chloe every couturier was the thing from the 70s.

But there are some difficulties. How to achieve a level of skill to dress in this style, not to look like you’re wearing a costume? The answer is simple – bring the ensemble modern elements.


Jeans flared

This season, you can safely abandon fitting jeans and choose a model with more free leg. Refer to the brand of Victoria Beckham for fashion inspiration in terms of flared jeans.


Geometric prints

When choosing prints, think about geometric figures in a rich, warm colour with a brownish undertone. To add a modern touch to the image, add a pair of light leather shoes type of moccasin to your ensemble and impress others with your taste and style. Add glasses to a soft hat with drooping brim.


Deep neckline

Just looking at Amy Adams in American Hustle and you know that it was a time of an abundance of strings and a deep neckline. From all trends, this one is perhaps the easiest to incorporate into your wardrobe. It instantly creates a glamorous image and attractiveness. Tip from an expert: stop your choice on the ribbon bilateral.


Sunglasses big size

The more points, the better. Choose a light tone lenses. Zendaya shows brocade ensemble from Gucci, but you can aim for a more everyday look using a jacket of denim and pants. With all these things the glasses look great.



There is something luxurious in dress with fringe. Notice how Olivia Palermo gives a style with fringed bags and rolled shirt sleeves. This is a very stylish and colorful.


Dresses with the smell

How could anyone say “no” cult zapahivaya dress from Diane von Furstenberg? It became popular in the 70s and is still worn by women today around the world. Put on a pair of sandals with Velcro strap at the ankle to create a perfect image without any effort.


Products, knitted crochet

Be careful with products, knitted crochet, because they have a great resemblance with napkins. But there is a plus: knits crochet, cool to wear in the hot summer at the beach or music festivals.


Platform sandals

Goodbye, bearing the pain of stilettos, Hello and convenient platform. This is the Shoe that your feet will thank you. Buy for style shoes from Bey and wear bright clothing.

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