как носить снудSnood is a stylish scarf for women and men, who in the last few seasons has become a real hit among the accessories for spring and summer. Those who have managed without it, preferring conventional scarves, now think of how to wear a Snood and to what along is better to pick this scarf before buy.

Snood – scarf multifunctional, diverse, who knows not a rigid framework. It can be worn on the neck and head, to make him a warming accessory or off with this function, limited only decorative. You will not be disappointed, having bought my first Snood, and quite possibly decide to purchase one or more of another color, style, and method binding.


Classic – three-dimensional knit Snood

How to wear a Snood from bulky yarns tight knit? This question will not arise at all, because this scarf is simple enough to wear on the neck and leave freely sit. This is the style made popular LIC many seasons ago, because he perfectly fit into the nascent trend, deftly picked up the youth. Relaxed chic, image, requiring the absence of any affectation and special definition and elaboration of the image. LIC, which is a closed scarf-ring, burst in everyday fashion, mainly youth, in which the oversize trend gained momentum with incredible speed, and the honor was Jersey bulk billing.

Simple Snood, which has a narrow ring fits over the neck, casually crushes – and here it is ready to decorate any youth style. Such snudy can be combined with clothes in a casual style, based on the details of textiles and knitwear. Snood chunky knit goes well with knitted sweaters from soft knitted fabrics of the same color scheme or contrasting with soothing colors. This Snood can be to deal in width and is worn on the head. This style is good for winter and fall, when the choice of clothing is still vests and long cardigans.


Long and wide neck thin knits

Unlike a simple classical necks, which ring is worn on the neck, long and wide, folded several times this cowl for stretchable knits lots of advantages. They consist of a plethora of wearing options that are not limited to neck and head. Such necks are easy to make stylish and warming accessory and even to give him the appearance of clothing. To be able to experiment with Sodom, choose neutral shades smooth knit and a large width, folded several times.

Ways of wearing this cowl:

  • Take the cowl, wear it on your neck, pull in front of you, crossed “eight”, and put a second ring on the neck. You Snood immediately increased in volume. If it is too long, this method can make it a kind of accessory for the neck, like beads, which lies on the breast of a double row.
  • How to wear a Snood on her head? It is very simple, just like with classical surround. Folded “eight” scarf you can pull back and cover their heads. If the length of the cowl is not enough, not displace it, wear on your head like a normal hood.
  • The smooth texture of this cowl can be beat, turning his harness. You can do it without removing the cowl neck, wrapped several times knitted fabric strap, pulling it inward. Thin wiring can leave as necklace around your neck or wrap around your neck once again. The harness can be issued the lower part of the cowl when you are wearing a scarf on your head as a hood – this accessory looks neater than careless relaxed style surround.
  • Take the cowl, put on the neck, the upper part gently roll cowl neckline, and the bottom straighten, pulling on his shoulders like a sweater. This style of this cowl can be worn in an informal setting and to use them in the office when you feel the chilliness.
  • Put on the cowl so that it was located behind his back, adhering to the back of the neck area, arms around shoulders diagonally down the armhole. To do this, put the cowl back and pull it through the hands in the sleeves of the coat. Formed in the front of a strip of knit fabric neatly and evenly spread, covering their shoulders and upper back – and you’ve got a stylish, comfortable warming Bolero.
  • In fashion back style blouses and dresses with one shoulder, and neck can be issued in the same manner. For this, slide knitted fabric, put it on the torso so that it covers one shoulder, covering the bust, but was left free his other shoulder. So you can wear chunky hand knitted Snood on blouses and shirts in that quality, which is typically vests or sleeveless.
  • Wide neck can be worn on the shoulders, leaving the free area of the neck and chest, mimicking a deep horizontal cut.

All these styles are subject to execution for long wide necks of fine knitwear and textile snadow. They can endlessly try different styles, putting them on top of crop tops, sleeveless shirts or even bras from swimwear, creating new beach images.

How to wear men’s Snood and how it differs from the female? Actually, nothing, except for the stronger sex is available more sober colors of Snagov and wearing them shows the classic ways. For men are produced snudy neutral shades, striped and cell, and you can wear them as worn simple women’s Snood – one ring or “eight” on the neck, in combination with jackets, jackets in a casual style, sweaters, cardigans, coats-jackets.

To diversify the usual knitted style necks allow his fur versions that are available for different base styles, knitting and other, for example, evening. Natural fur Snood can Supplement slim silk dress with sequins in the style of the twenties, completely blend into the style of the era. LIC from dyed fur with long pile accentuate autumn style based on a cashmere sweater or coat. Long Snood from korotkovichskogo fur may be “eight”, and if you leave it lying loose on the chest, he can play a role fur collar in retro style.

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