как отбелить кожу лицаCorrection of skin tone may be necessary for various reasons. Some complexion uneven, others dull, unhealthy, earthy, others freckles, age spots. In finding the right cosmetics, cosmetology techniques and home recipes, it is important to follow the correct course and to use only those tools and methods that are suitable for your skin. If you smoke and have a dull complexion, you need to take care of health from the inside, if you have freckles, you will need special therapeutic tool for their removal. How to whiten the skin, if health problems are not observed, but the color is still uneven and there are some local darkening of the skin?

Than to whiten the skin, depends on your ability and willingness to regular systematic effect on the skin, as well as to spend money on professional and medical cosmetic products or procedures. You can move from simple to complex, first trying to secure ways, home-made masks and wiping, along with the use of cosmetics. If you do not see results that will satisfy you, you can go to the beautician for help. Keep in mind that bleach the skin in any case, it is recommended that during periods of low solar activity, otherwise the whole effect will come to naught.


Home remedies for skin whitening

With a solution of lemon juice can lighten freckles and give the face a lighter tone. Lemon juice can be added in the finished cosmetic or homemade masks or wipe the skin dissolved in the form of juice. Lemon juice is good for whitening dense intact skin, but to apply it every day is not recommended. You should not wipe them all the skin on the face, it is better to focus on problem areas, where it is dark or uneven tone is especially pronounced.

The juice of parsley is another tool that along with the lemon juice anciently used by girls who wanted to bring freckles and get rid of dark spots. The juice of parsley is not so much irritating to the skin as citrus juices, so more suitable for whitening sensitive skin. You can squeeze the juice from chopped into a puree pulp, to make masks out of the pulp. Tot is one good way of whitening the skin is to RUB the face with ice cubes with frozen juice parsley (like lemon juice) Parsley has the ability to clear the fluid from the fabrics, so if you will be regularly wiped her face and the skin around my eyes in the morning, you will not only get brighter. The skin, your face will be youthful and you will be able to reduce eyelid swelling and bruising under the eyes.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

How to whiten skin fast? Hydrogen peroxide is an effective tool, if you need to cope with serious pigmentation, but to apply it very carefully. Take a weak peroxide solutions, better than 3%, and apply it locally to the place where the pigmentation is expressed, trying to avoid healthy skin. Do not apply the peroxide to the area around the eyes.

  • Dairy products

Dairy products can demonstrate a very positive effect for whitening face due to the content of acid and protective properties simultaneously. For wiping the face, you can take plain yogurt, if the skin is thin and dry, it is better to take the fat content of 3.2 or instead of yogurt to get the cream that will not only help to whiten the skin, but also perfectly nourishes it.

  • Fruits and berries

Fruits and berries are great for whitening skin, but you need to take only those who will not paint it. For these purposes fit strawberries, strawberries, kiwi, black and red currant, Apple pulp. An undeniable advantage of fruits and berries to whiten the skin is a rich composition of these products, which provide the skin a comprehensive restoration. They contain fruit acids, antioxidants, vitamins, therefore, the skin is recharged youth and radiance, resists age-related changes, improves its color disappears dullness.


Cosmetics for skin whitening

How to whiten the skin, if you don’t want to fool around in the kitchen, wipe the skin of aggressive compounds and to lie with strawberry pulp on the face? You can always find a good remedy for whitening in the form of a lotion, cream, serum or mask with a balanced chemical composition, aimed on the one hand to eliminate imperfections such as dark spots or freckles, and on the other hand, skin care, hydration, nutrition and protection.

Following bleaching creams can help you:

  • Night cream from dark spots in brightening effect Garnier Light Facial Skin Dark Spots Whitening Lightening Cream Night
  • Nourishing whitening and softening cream O Mary White Liquid Cream
  • Moisturizing whitening cream L’oreal Paris White Perfect
  • Night whitening cream radiance Olay White Radiance
  • Cream with allatoona and koiwai acid Dermonerva Supreme Whitening Cream
  • Specialized whitening cream Her Highness Mystere White Skin Pro
  • Night treatment cream age spots Porcelana Fade Dark Spots

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