Well-groomed and healthy nails will always be in fashion. It is therefore necessary to keep track of them and be done periodically restorative procedures. When the nails begin to change color, it means that you have health problems. They can become dull and yellow, and will require bleaching, because the problem can be noticed by other people. You can use salon services or buy a special bleaching agent in the pharmacy. But the best option is the procedure at home.
Как отбелить ногти без лишних затрат3
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The most common and effective remedy for whitening is considered a lemon. It should only be cut into two parts and put the nails in his flesh for 15 minutes. You should not wash the juice from the nail after it is absorbed, it is necessary to RUB hand cream into the nail plate. Procedure you can do every day to obtain the desired result. If there is no time to do that is to take a cotton swab soaked in lemon juice and RUB their nails several times a day.
Как отбелить ногти без лишних затрат2
A good remedy for whitening is tooth paste. You need to take a bit of toothpaste and gently RUB it into the nail. Also as lemon, pasta suitable for frequent use. You can make a special mask for nails, it is necessary to take 2 tsp of tooth paste, 1 tbsp of baking soda and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix well and apply on the nails for 20 minutes After the procedure, you have to wash off with warm water and use hand cream.
Here is another recipe when you want to whiten your nails in the short term. Mix hydrogen peroxide with glycerin, in proportion 3:1. It is recommended that this solution be applied to the nails with a cotton stick, then wait 2 minutes and rinse.

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