Юбер де ЖиваншиHubert de Givenchy belongs to the tribe of fashion designers, whose names became the symbols of the era. Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga and several озаривших the fashion industry in the early to mid-last century, will remain for centuries, while others sink into Oblivion or will hardly well-known even by those who are close to this topic. Givenchy’d follow in the footsteps of his father and to become a pilot, but the destiny has disposed differently. The tragic incident caused a birth of the brightest stars of design art of the twentieth century.



Hubert de Givenchy was born in 1927. His father is the pilot died during a flight, and heartbroken mother was struggling to distract him from aspirations to conquer the sky. Young romantic listened to it and chose another path. At the age of seventeen Hubert entered the School of Fine Arts in Paris, and already after a short time thinking about creating their own brand of clothing. Brand will create a decade later, but for now Givenchy a great opportunity to learn, to observe, to be inspired by the images of the Genii of his time, that he was lucky to meet and work. Among them were Christian Dior, Robert 비교 and Elsa Скьяпарелли, which allowed the young man to take control of one of the Parisian shops.


The beginning of fashion history

Юбер де Живанши и Одри Хепберн

Audrey Hepburn

Observant, attentive, ambitious Hubert de Givenchy opened his own label in 1952. Paris applauded двадцатипятилетнему designer, who showed his taste and the ability to think innovatively. In reality, Givenchy was no aspiration to experiments pursued by other colleagues have already won a reputation in fashion circles. His creativity is born in the conditions of deficit of the materials, which the young debutant could not be.

Живаши his head, he made a bet on the cut, which not only found fans in Paris and became a cult. His white blouse Bettina» was sewn from cotton, but didn’t look a naive at the expense of the original sleeves, flounces decorated with black-and-white border. This piece of wardrobe received the name Bettina Graziani, its model and main sources of inspiration. Very soon, this place was taken by another woman, Givenchy linked the friendship for four decades.

In March 1954 in the USA двадцатичетырехлетняя Audrey Hepburn received «Oscar» for the best female role in film «Roman holiday», which instantly made her the star of the first rank. By that time already accepted the offer to work in the new project – the picture «Sabrina», in which her character went to study in Paris from the States and then returned shrouded in mysterious French charm. To the character to be more plausible, Hepburn went to Paris to meet with a young designer Юбером de Givenchy and ask him to create costumes for the film.

Their meeting was unexpected for any designer. Audrey became a star in the United States but not in Europe, where the well-know another Hepburn named Catherine. It is expected Givenchy, when met him out the fragile girl with huge eyes, dressed absurd, more like a boy. Of course, he agreed to create for her costumes, and from that moment began their long-standing friendship.

The success of «Sabrina» has become crucial for Hubert de Givenchy, on whose orders fell from the horn of plenty. Their cooperation was mutually beneficial: Hepburn was dressed immaculately, her heroine conquered the audience with their elegance and clothing brand Givenchy, as perfumes, used in women huge success.

Юбер де Живанши и Жаклин Кеннеди

Jacqueline Kennedy

At the request of the Hepburn appeared perfume L’interdit, for her master created the now legendary little black dress Holly Golightly from «Breakfast at Tiffany’s», in pale pink suit Givenchy actress married a second time. Audrey Hepburn was not just his main model – she urged him to creativity, which ended when it was not.

In 1993, the actress died of cancer, and this was a pivotal and in the life of Givenchy. He realized that he had lost his Muse, and not for anyone else to do. In 1995, Maestro announced his retirement from the industry, and for creating the images of Givenchy took John Galliano. A year later, the creative Director of the House was assigned to another Briton, Alexander McQueen, who worked until 2001. He was replaced by Julian MacDonald and in 2005 the main designer of the French brand became Ricardo Quiet.

The British and Italian, of course, bring your vision into fashion Givenchy, that differ significantly from what did the Creator of the brand. In the new Millennium Givenchy represents fidelity, confidence, and sometimes rebellious spirit. Hubert de Givenchy sought to create elegant clothes for this lady, that him and appreciated his star client, the main of which were Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy. He put an emphasis on clean lines and architectural forms, which inspired from my mentor and partner Cristobal balanciagy.

Today, Hubert de Givenchy lives in a suburb of Paris, where he leads a quiet measured life, devoting himself to landscape design and good books. All the questions about how does he the current state of the brand, which he created, and he says he’s too busy for that, and then that already has to fashion any interest.

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