сероводородные ванныEven the ancients noticed that water treatment has a beneficial effect on health. And if not swim in fresh water, and in healing springs, the benefits will be even greater. So, hydrosulphuric baths are indicated for disorders of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, the benefits and diseases of bones, joints and muscles.


Sulfur and hydrogen sulfide

Sulfur – matter with which people met in ancient times. Sulphurous fumes were mentioned in the writings of Homer, sulfur used in their ceremonies the priests. Later substance used in the production of combustible mixtures. The poisonous smoke of sulphur was considered a work of supernatural forces, not too friendly disposition towards people.

In all probability, hydrogen sulfide was also known to mankind for a very long time. This colorless gas with the characteristic foul odor of rotten eggs at rotting of some proteins. In nature it occurs in the composition of volcanic gas and associated petroleum gas, as well as in dissolved form. For example, hydrogen sulfide-rich deep (below 150-200 m) layers of water in the Black sea. There is even a hypothesis that hydrogen sulphide is the sea takes its name: under the influence of dissolved gas items, lowered deep into the water (e.g., anchors) were purchased black color.

Hydrogen sulfide is very toxic. It is no coincidence that in the depths of this rich gas deposits in the Black sea, there is no life.

Inhalation of hydrogen sulfide at high concentrations can cause instant death, at low concentrations, dizziness, headache, convulsions. It is interesting that people quickly adapt to the unpleasant smell and no longer perceive.


Action baths

Ancient Aesculapius was noted that the poison can be a drug, if used in correct dosages. This applies to hydrogen sulfide, or water in which the gas is dissolved. Hydrogen sulfide baths on the body have a specific effect, which is caused by the presence of water molecules of hydrogen sulfide. Penetrating through the skin, hydrogen sulfide irritating nerve endings and stimulates the activity of all organs and body systems.

In the accelerated healing processes in the skin or in the muscle tissue, improves blood circulation, normalizes the nervous system. Saturated with hydrogen sulphide water has anti-inflammatory action. Blood pressure decreased, cardiac activity is harmonized. Improves the condition of the bone and muscle tissue and joints, and hydrogen sulphide also contribute to the formation of healthy connective tissue.

To the characteristics of hydrogen sulfide baths should be added the difference between water temperature, the micro-massage, the hydrostatic pressure. All these factors improve the condition of patients. At many resorts hydrosulphuric baths can be taken not only in the balneological clinics, but just on the beach. To do this, however, is only after consultation with your doctor.


Indications and contraindications

Balneotherapy is one of the oldest ways to treat arthritis, which have not lost their relevance still. Hydrogen sulfide baths and mud packs on a par with the most modern drugs literally cure people with inflamed and deformed joints. But best of all, they, of course, are at the initial stages of the disease. At the same time it is not necessary to independently prescribe yourself hydrosulphuric baths for prevention: this method of treatment has a lot of contraindications.

Hydrogen sulfide baths are shown in various diseases of the nervous system (both Central and peripheral), diseases of the musculoskeletal, dermatological diseases. In combination with other procedures, appoint such baths and gynecological or urological diseases. Hydrogen sulfide baths are shown in some diseases of the heart and the circulatory system, for example, hypertension. They are recommended for varicose veins and thrombosis. Beneficial these procedures and those who suffer from diabetes and some other diseases of metabolism.

As for contraindications, their list sulfide baths as other effective methods of treatment, is also quite impressive. It includes various heart diseases, rheumatism, arrhythmia, ischemic heart disease. Will have to abandon hydrogen sulfide baths suffering from kidney disease or liver cancer, tuberculosis. Such baths are contraindicated in mental diseases and ulcers, hypotonia, hypertonia, severe forms of hypothyroidism.

The higher the concentration of hydrogen sulfide, the stronger the bath effect on the body, and not always such an effect is only favorable.

High doses of hydrogen sulfide in the water can cause allergic reactions and disorders of the respiratory system. In particular, the gas may provoke the development of asthma. If asthma is already there, from the intake of hydrogen sulfide baths have to give up.


Rule making

That the treatment was effective, hydrogen sulfide baths prescribed courses. The number of treatments, duration of baths, water temperature, and concentrations of hydrogen sulfide can vary, they depend on the disease and the patient. Typically, to achieve sustainable results requires a minimum of ten baths – daily or intermittently.

Baths must be taken in one or two hours after a meal, but not on an empty stomach and not after a hearty lunch. The interval between the baths and physiotherapeutic procedures must also be at least two hours. When bathing, you should not exercise, it is advisable to avoid physical stress. If you are ill or fever procedures have been cancelled.

Sometimes after the first procedures the patients instead of the expected tidal forces feel unwell. Typically, in such situations, doctors recommend to take a short break of a few days between treatments, after which the treatment can be continued.

Maria Bykova

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